ID: Rage might be the best-looking game on this gen consoles

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ID’s new game, Rage is undoubtedly, one of the biggest releases lined up for 2011. The team’s working round the clock, to ensure that the game, lives upto fans expectations and they’re very confident that Rage might very well be crowned as the best looking game of this generation.

Although, that’s a very difficult task to achieve but in an interview, with Nowgamer, John Carmack, tech director at ID Software, ensured that a pretty strong argument can be made that Rage is going to be the best looking game this gen:

When we finally got to a point where we had a locked frame rate and people could sit down and play it and feel it, it did become something that people could recognise. It’s debateable right now on this generation because it’s hard to do something that looks cutting edge while going at 60 frames per second, because I think that an argument can be made that we’re the best-looking game on this generation of consoles, the fact that we do it two times the frame rate of most of the competitors points out how hard that work was to get to that point.

But I really stuck with the fact we’ve got a lot more performance now than we had. I do a lot of these experiences where I do these A and B comparisons and ask “How does this look when we spend twice as much in fragment processing”? etc. and it is my belief that for an intense action game that you get more from going from 30 to 60 than from adding double as much work into the graphics picture that’s drawn there..

Maintaining a solid 60 FPS is an achievement in itself this gen, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Carmack’s expectations proves out to be true.

What’s your take on this? Let us know below.

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