Jaffe explains why Twisted Metal doesn’t do 3D; Uncharted 3 Is The “Right Way” To Do 3D

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So it looks like David Jaffe isn’t too excited about the 3D craze that the gaming industry is going through right now. We even see Xbox 360 games with 3D support now. In an interview with Complex, Jaffe mentioned the reason why Twisted Metal doesn’t have a 3D mode.

He said that Eat Sleep Play, the studio which is making Twisted Metal is very small, and that is a big detriment when thinking about devoting resources to something like 3D. He also believes that the 3DTV penetration isn’t that high, and that really gives them less confidence to go ahead with it.

“Well, we’re not going to be in 3D. It partially has to do with the fact that we’re a really small team,” he said.

He also explained how they came at a conclusion that 3D wouldn’t fit in a game like Twisted Metal.

“Do we want to have two or three coders off for a month and a half to make the game in 3D? Or do we want to have an extra boss in the game? Not every team has to make those kinds of decisions, but we’re a small team.”

It’s not like Naughty Dog is a big studio, but considering Jaffe’s studio probably doesn’t get as much financial or technical support from Sony, it’s understandable as to why they’re so sceptical. For a fast paced game such as Twisted Metal, 3D would be a mismatch I believe and Jaffe echoes this sentiment.

“With our game, because it goes so fast and there’s so much flying at you, I have no clue if that would actually translate into 3D well or just give you a massive headache,” he laughed.

It makes a lot of sense, and considering the fact that the current gen consoles aren’t that capable to providing a complete 3D experience, and by complete I mean no Sub-HD resolutions or all that sacrifices these developers have to make.

Jaffe also praised Uncharted 3, and said why it was possible for Naughty Dog to do it and said that they created the game from ground up instead of just shoehorning it in.

“My understanding is that Uncharted 3 was actually designed from the ground up ’cause they knew they were doing 3D. That’s the right way to do it, very much like Avatar versus Clash of the Titans,” he explained.

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