Just Cause 4 Guide: Unlimited Health, Money Cheat, How To Unlock Weapons And Get More Squad Reserves

Some tips and tricks for causing mayhem in Just Cause 4.

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Just Cause 4 is now out. It’s a massive, massive open world game, with a sandbox playground, and full of things for you to hunt down and discover. This guide deals with getting the most out of all that.


Squad Reserves are necessary to progress through Just Cause 4. You get some for free early in the game, but from there on, have to earn more. Happily enough, they’re rather easy to get more of:

  • Liberate enemy regions. This one should go without saying: liberate more regions, and get more people to join your chaos
  • Increase your Chaos level. I don’t know how the in game contextual justification for this works, but every time you increase your Chaos Level, you get +2 Squad Reserves in game.


There is a lot to find in Just Cause 4, mostly tools of destruction that you can use as your implements as you paint a tapestry of chaos and mayhem on the canvas of the game’s world. This section tells you how to find and unlock most of that.


To get these vehicles, you must complete the Stunts specified:

  • Prisa Fresca X Car: Explanada Car Stunt
  • 83 Hatchback Car: Complete the El Abismo Stunt
  • Prisa Viajero Bus: Hermosa Car Stunt
  • Kerner ‘16 Vigeur Car: Tributario Wanay Speed Stunt
  • Caravana Camper Van:the Encrucijada Car Stunt
  • Calzada Ambulancia: Joya Del Sol Speed Stunt
  • Sol 21 Sport Sedan: Nueva Voz Centro Car Stunt
  • Prisa Calzada Van: Aburrida Speed Stunt
  • Prisa Viento SUV: Casas Soleadas Car Stunt
  • Kerner Charmant Limo:the Quya Car Stunt
  • Prisa Hidalgo Car: El Lucero Stunt
  • Pasofino Pickup: Boca Vieja Car Stunt
  • Pugilista SUV: Punto Oeste Speed Stunt
  • Emsavion News Heli: Lago Bonito Helicopter Stunt
  • Prisa Fresca CarL: Sachayuyu Car Stunt

Small Weapons

  • SW7-PBA Assault Rifle: Secure Gran Batalla
  • LRD-3 Sniper: Finish Training: Intel Grab mission
  • PBX Auto-Slug 4: Secure Altos Region
  • CC10 Shotgun: Secure Island Machaqwayes
  • Defender Machine Gun: Finish Training: Bridge Defense mission
  • PBX Super-Sniper 4: Finish Training: Wrong Side of the Tracks mission
  • 21-J Smart Rifle: Secure Paso Ventoso
  • SMG-2: Secure Altoyaku

Heavy Weapons

  • AT7 RPG: Secure Delta Río Wanay
  • PWC V4.2 Wind Gun: Secure Qachas
  • DA 9.3 Lighting Gun: Secure Phuyu-Kuni
  • RG-PBA 9 Railgun: Secure Kunka
  • PGL-6 Grenade Launcher: Secure Laderas Rojas
  • PBX Mine Launcher 2A7: Secure Las Tormentas
  • AT3-X RPG: Finish Training: Top Brass mission


Use the following cheats at your own discretion. Using cheats online or offline may lead to an immediate ban. GamingBolt or its staff members are not responsible for any problems arising due to their use.

The potential and possibilities for the mayhem you can wreak and cause in Just Cause 4 goes higher if you have an unlimited resources. Which brings us to cheats: you can use a cheat table in the PC version to give yourself all kinds of advantages in game. You can download the cheat engine from here: http://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?t=8347

This will give you Infinite Health, Unlimited Ammo, Easy Kills And More.

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