Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide – Where To Find AP Boosts

A quick guide on how you can get AP boosts in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Ability points help players unlock new abilities for Sora and his companions in Kingdom Hearts 3. Now there are a few ways to earn AP. The very first and easy way is to take photos of Lucky Emblem (which we have previously covered in detail). The other way is to complete certain Collector’s goals (like procuring all variations of mithril and 8 different synthesis materials). Thirdly, you can earn AP boost through Synthesis (for which you would need the following: Wellspring Stone (3) Betwixt Shard (3) Twilight Shard (3) Hungry Stone (1) Hungry Shard (2) )

And finally, we take a look at specific locations where you can find AP Boosts. Please note that these may not be the only places where you can find AP boosts.


As soon as you enter Thebes, there is a chest, on the left of flame cauldron.

After strengthening Goofy’s Knight Shield, look for a chest on the roof section of Thebes

In the Alleyway section of Thebes, climb up and you will come across grassy area. You will find a chest here.

Just before the encounter with the Rock Titan, run up the mountain while he is throwing rocks. There is a ledge on the left just before you reach the top. You will find a chest here.

Kingdom of Corona:

Enter the Shore region and the chest is plain sight.


Reach the central section of Valley of Ice region. Now head southwest and you will find Heartless. Ensure you have Doubleflight ability as you would need to jump across a gap. Once you are on the other side, you will find a treasure chest.

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