Knack Mega Guide: Treasure Chests, Secret Rooms, Crystals, Gadget Parts And More

A complete guide for Knack.

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Using this guide for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Knack you will be able to find treasure chest locations, collectibles, secret rooms, gadget parts, unlock various Knack forms, get more crystals and unlock trophies.

Treasure Chest Locations In Secret Rooms: Gadget Parts And Crystals:

As with every platformer, Knack also features collectibles. There are a total of 68 treasure chests and finding them all will earn you King of Adventure trophy. There are a couple of points to take into consideration before you attempt to find all of these treasure chests. You need to find all the treasures in one playthrough. So if you miss out even one treasure you will not be able to unlock this trophy. So it’s better to back up your saves in a USB drive.

Each treasure chest contains either a gadget part or crystals both of which are required to upgrade Knack. It is obvious that an upgraded character will make this challenging game a bit easier. Below you will find a video guide that will show you the exact location where you find the treasure chests in the course of the thirteen chapters.

Getting More Crystals:

There is only possible way to get more crystals in the game. The treasure chests in the game randomly gives you either a crystal or a gadget parts. If you get a gadget part, don’t take it because if you go ahead and take it, the game will auto save. The best course of action is to restart the chapter and hope the treasure chest gives you a crystal. This is definitely a very taxing method but the rewards are well worth it.

Knack Unlockable Forms:

Knack has six unlockable forms which are dependent on what kind of crystals you found in the treasure chests. The six forms are Vampire, Diamond, Dark, Brittle, Sunstone and Massive.

  • Vampire Knack: The player needs to collect 15 Ruby crystals from the treasure chests.
  • Diamond Knack: The player needs to collect 10 Diamonds from treasure chests.
  • Dark Knack: You need to collect 20 Amethyst crystals from treasure chests.
  • Brittle Knack: 10 Aqua crystals are needed to unlock this form.
  • Sunstone Knack: Sunstone Knack can be unlocked by finding 20 Sunstone crystals.
  • Massive Knack: Massive Knack can be unlocked by finding 15 Emerald crystals.
  • Stealth Knack: This is an additional upgrade that will be available in chapters 4-3 and 12-1.

Free Extra Gadget Parts:

Given that Knack is a pretty challenging game, finding all the gadget parts is a tough task. However you can get a few gadget parts by playing the iOS app Knack’s Quest and sync with your PlayStation ID. Those parts will get then transferred to the main game.


There are eight gadgets in Knack which are: Relic Detector [3], Secret Detector [7], Transmuter [6], Sunstone Battery [3], Harvester [4], Time Dilator [5], Double Battery [5] and Combo Meter [7]. The number in brackets indicates the number of gadget parts required to construct them.


Knack consist of 42 trophies. These are further divided into one platinum, 28 bronze, 9 silver and 4 gold. They are simple, straight forward and the several tips mentioned above will help you unlock them.

  • Ultimate Knack: Received all trophies
  • Chieftain Badge: Defeated the Chapter 3-5 boss
  • Gundahar Badge: Defeated the Chapter 7-5 boss
  • Katrina Badge: Defeated the Chapter 11-5 boss
  • Fast Puncher: Landed 100 hits using the Dash Attack
  • Relic Passion: Acquired a total of over 100,000 relics
  • Barrage: Defeated 8 or more enemies with a single Super Move
  • Big Throw: Defeated 5 gunships by throwing cars
  • Goblin Hunter: Defeated 100 goblins
  • Robot Hunter: Defeated 100 robots
  • Combo Beginner: Achieved 20 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped
  • Combo Professional: Achieved 50 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped
  • Forced Breakthrough: Defeated the three Gatekeeper Goblins and cleared Chapter 3-2 without dying
  • Professional Intruder: Collected the clear crystals in Chapter 4-2 without being detected by the security robots
  • Quick Work: Destroyed the 3 anti-aircraft guns in Chapter 8-2 within 5 minutes
  • Ruby Medal: Cleared a chapter as Vampire Knack
  • Aqua Medal: Defeated the Chieftain’s Mech using Brittle Knack
  • Emerald Medal: Defeated Gundahar’s Robot using Massive Knack
  • Sunstone Medal: Defeated Katrina’s Mech using Sunstone Knack
  • Amethyst Medal: Defeated the Giant Orb using Dark Knack
  • Diamond Medal: Defeated all bosses using Diamond Knack
  • Seeker: Discovered a treasure chest
  • King of Adventure: Discovered all of the treasure chests
  • Parts Collector: Acquired a Gadget part
  • Doctor’s Invention: Constructed a Gadget
  • Doctorate: Acquired all of the Gadgets
  • Crystal Relic Collector: Acquired a Crystal Relic
  • New Power: Unlocked an upgraded Knack
  • Hoarder: Completed a non-boss chapter without using any Super Moves
  • Dynamic Play: Completed a chapter only using Super Moves on enemies and without dying once
  • Stealth Fighter: Defeated 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and completed the chapter
  • Knack Beginner: Completed all chapters on Normal difficulty or higher
  • Knack Challenger: Completed all chapters on Hard difficulty or higher
  • Total Victory: Defeated a boss without taking damage

Hidden Trophies:

  • Guardian Badge: Defeated the Chapter 13-5 boss
  • Crystal Relic Master: Unlocked all upgraded Knack characters
  • Knack Master: Completed all chapters on Very Hard difficulty
  • Relic Runner: Completed a Time Attack stage
  • Speed King: Achieved five-star ranks in all Time Attack stages
  • Gladiator: Completed a Coliseum Attack stage
  • King of Battle: Achieved five-star ranks in all Coliseum Attack stages
  • Perfect Action: Completed a stage without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game. You can also check out the complete video walk-through of Knack here.

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