Mafia 3 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Mafia 3.

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Mafia 3 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Mafia 3

2K Games

Hangar 13

Xbox One, PS4, PC

Genre:Action Adventure

Release Date:2016

Mafia 3 is an open world action-adventure story that is being developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. The title is the third in a Mafia series of games with Take-Two interactive being the official distributor for the game. Haden Blackman is the director for Mafia 3 after spending most of his career working on various games in the Star Wars video game series including The Force Unleashed and Force Unleashed 2. The game does not have an official release date but it is expected to launch sometime in 2016.

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Mafia 3 was first rumored to be in development in 2012 when the team that had worked on Mafia 2 announced that they were working on a “top secret” AAA game. 2K Czech was eventually restructured and the development of this game was officially moved to what was then a new company called Hangar 13. The game was hinted at in January 2015 by one of the voice actors that worked on Mafia 2 and then was officially teased as coming at the end of July. The company officially unveiled the game with a trailer at Gamescom 2015 in August.

After the game was announced in August, Take Two was quick to point out that the game is going to be entirely different from what people have seen from Grand Theft Auto 5. The distributor apparently felt this was necessary because of the violent nature of both game series.


mafia 3

The story is set in 1968 and centers around a biracial protagonist named Lincoln Clay who returns to his home in New Orleans after serving a tour in Vietnam. Being half black and half white, he is also an orphan who eventually finds a place among the city’s black mob.  His crew is eventually taken out by the more well-known Italian mob and Clay sets out to take out the leader of the this group Sal Marcano. If players can actually get rid of Sal Marcano, the story turns from one where Lincoln Clay is trying to take apart the Italian mob to one where he is actively attempting to lead it.

The story’s point is to focus on a place with a bit of racial tension going on in the United States. The developers have underlined the racial aspect of the game by making him biracial and there are likely to be mentions of Lincoln Clay’s background as the story unfolds. Clay is supposed to actively recruit lieutenants once he starts to rebuild the New Orleans mob in his own image. Racial issues are said to play a part in who you can recruit and how you recruit them. The focus on taking down the Italian mob is quite a bit different than the first two games where getting into the mob and then running it were more a point than trying to dismantle it.

While Lincoln Clay tries to recruit people to his cause, there will be a number of other groups that are trying to fill the eventual power vacuum left by Sal Marcano.


mafia 3

Mafia 3 is an action-adventure game that uses a third person perspective. Set in 1986 New Orleans, the game has an open world that allows players to venture around the city and take on missions of a player’s choosing. There is a combination of approaches that can be used by players in order to finish missions. Players can go into a situation with guns blazing using weapons that are offered up in the game such as pistols and shotguns. Players can use a more stealthy approach in order to finish off enemies and finish their missions. Cover can be use when combat takes place as if it were in the real world.

Players can use tombstones and other obstacles in order to avoid gunfire. Players are able to interrogate non-playable characters after defeating them one on one, or in a massive battle in order to gain more information on the main objectives for the game. When it comes to setting up their own crime families, players can attack and overrun locations owned by the Italian mob, and once those locations have been overrun they can assign a lieutenant to operate the location if they have managed to recruit people to their cause. There are various orders that can be given to the lieutenants in order to make the locations profitable and successful after they have been taken over.


Mafia 3

Lincoln Clay is the protagonist of Mafia 3, though he isn’t some innocent who accidentally gets caught up in a life of crime, having returned to New Orleans after fighting for the United States in the Vietnam war. He first joins the black mob but then goes on a war against the Italians when his crew is wiped out. The members of the black mob that he signs up with all have different personalities that stand out, though none of them are playable in the game.

Sal Marcano and his crew are also included in the game first as enemies and then some are actually recruited. There are other characters that can be recruited to Lincoln’s cause and they make appearances at different points in the game as the story unfolds. The available lieutenants are Cassandra, Burke, and Vito Scaletta; Vito was previously featured as the protagonist of Mafia II. Cassandra heads up the Haitian mob and Burke is a member of the Irish mob in the city. There don’t appear to be any other characters from previous versions of games from the Mafia series. There are lots of other NPCs that are in the game, in order to make the city of New Orleans that much more realistic. Cops and other law enforcement are enemies that pop up from time to time.

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