Marvel’s Avengers Guide – How to Farm Exotics and Legendaries, and Best Builds

Gear up each Avenger with these tips.

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Like many loot-based games, Exotics and Legendaries are some of the best items in Marvel’s Avengers. On top of more perks, they also have higher Power levels and can be boosted more, allowing one to hit that coveted max Power cap all the more easily. How do you earn them though?

RNG is one such way but there are a few shortcuts here and there. The first is to obtain Exotic Artifacts which confer different bonuses and add to your overall Power level. Artifacts aren’t swapped as frequently as other equipment so you won’t have to worry about investing resources to boost them either.

Here are a couple of Exotic Artifacts you can earn through specific missions:

  • Tactigon – Complete the campaign
  • Dark Hold – Complete “Reigning Supreme” mission chain Complete the “Reigning Supreme” mission chain
  • Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will – Reward after leaving the Ant Hill in the campaign

Otherwise, keep doing difficult missions like Elite Hives to receive other Exotic items. Check out the video below to see all the different Exotics in the game. As for Legendaries, there’s a fairly reliable way to farm them in War Zones. The key is to look for Elite AIM Units who crop up as side objectives. You’ll need a fairly decent Power level for this so keep that in mind.

Head to the War Zone “Enter: The Avengers” and head to the right for a checkpoint. Look for a resource cache on the roof of this and then travel across the platforms to cross the river. There should be an Elite AIM Unit – destroy it and then reload the mission.

Another mission that makes for good farming is the “Stark Realities” mission. First, load into it and progress towards the first objective but don’t battle the enemies present. Instead, take a left and press Up on the D-Pad to scan for enemies. A side objective should crop up – head there and defeat the Elite AIM Unit before reloading and playing the mission again.

Best Builds for Each Avenger

With six total Avengers and more being added in the coming months, there are quite a lot of build possibilities. Each Avenger has their own unique play-style and abilities to master. Fortunately, there are several build guides out there to help get you started. Check them out below.

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