Metal Gear Solid Voice Director Teases “New Exciting Stuff”, Hayter and Downes Possibly Involved

A number of teases by some prominent Metal Gear-related figures are hinting at something “new” and “mysterious”.

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metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

So this is potentially huge. Or it could be nothing at all. But the Metal Gear fan in me wants to believe the former. Kris Zimmerman (who has been the voice director on all Metal Gear Solid games), Robin Atkin Downes (the voice of Kazuhira Miller), and David Hayter (the voice of Solid Snake and Big Boss), are teasing something “new” and “exciting”, and it’s getting a lot of Metal Gear Solid fans excited (all relevant teases are at the bottom of this post).

Downes has been quite active on social media, where he seems to be dropping a number of hints about the thing we all want to believe but won’t allow ourselves to. In one of his tweets, Downes cryptically says, “missions take time to plan”, which is followed by “#StayTuned”. In another tweet, Downes linked to an article on Escapist written by David Hayter about his journey as Solid Snake, with Downes asking, “So what happens to us now?”

Which is where it gets even more interesting. Hayter responded to this tweet, saying “message received”. Along with this, he attached a gif of Michael Corleone’s famous “every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”. Which definitely seems to be hinting at something

Hayter may have teased something through other avenues as well. While speaking with Escapist during a livestream (around the 57:20 mark), Hayter talked about all the teasing being done by Downes and himself on Twitter, and how Twitter has been “exploding” as a result, before going on to say, “we’ll leave it a mystery for now”.

Another tweet by Downes also might be hinting about stuff related to this announcement (if there even is an announcement). Responding to a tweet by the official account of The Game Awards about which announcements people are hoping to see at the event, Downes said: “Perhaps some of my tweet mates can answer this question for me…” So an announcement in December is on the cards (or maybe, again, I’m reading too much into it).

Additionally, Zimmerman recently put up a tweet that promises “new exciting stuff on the horizon”, asking everyone to stay tuned. By itself, that could mean anything, and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Metal Gear, but Downes also recently put up a post on Instagram, a short video clip in which he’s with Zimmerman. Most of it is silly stuff with quotes from Metal Gear games, but it’s accompanied by the “#keptyouwaitinghuh” and “#metalgearsolid”.

Individually, none of these “teases” much all that much, but again, put together, it definitely looks like they’re hinting at something. It’s also worth noting that the 20th North American anniversary of Metal Gear Solid is on October 21. Perhaps it’s nothing at all, but then again, the eternal optimist in me wants to believe it’s Metal Gear Solid 6. Or maybe a Fox Engine remake of Metal Gear Solid 1. Or maybe Chapter 3 of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (never give up).

There’s nothing concrete to suggest any of those things, but maybe, just maybe– it’s not over yet.

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