Minecraft Dungeons Guide – How to Farm Emeralds, and the Best Unique Weapons

Farm currency on one side and target these killer Uniques on the other.

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Throughout your journey of hacking and slashing fools, you’ll acquire Emeralds. These are your default currency and can be used to purchase items from either different NPCs (who will give random armor or weapons) or wandering traders (who will sell upgrades).

Emeralds drop randomly from slain foes and chests. So farming them means slaying more enemies at a faster rate. If you don’t want to deal with harder foes, head to Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp or Pumpkin Pastures. Make sure you’re destroying pots and the like since they can also drop Emeralds. Just look for the telltale green glow.

You can also find a mission in Creepy Crypt which will drop a lot of chests, thus providing more Emerald drop chances. For end-game players, higher difficulties (like Adventure and Apocalypse) will cause more enemies to spawn which equals more Emerald drops. Salvaging higher level items can also net you some Emeralds so make sure you’re constantly recycling older gear that you no longer use.

To further increase the drop rate of Emeralds, look for different Enhancements on Artifacts which increase their drop chance. The Prospector enchantment on the Diamond Pickaxe (who’s innate trait lets you find more Emeralds) is a good solution but you can also use this enchantment on The Last Laugh. The dual sickles will cause slain enemies to drop more Emeralds and will thus stack nicely with the enchantment.

Best Melee and Ranged Weapons

As you venture deep into the end-game, you’ll want to keep an eye on Unique weapons, both melee and ranged. They can be quite game-changing since they already include Enchantments. Unique weapons will drop very rarely from regular enemies so you’ll want to farm Golden Chests and bosses for a higher chances at receiving some of the best stuff.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Unique melee weapons in the game.

  • Diamond Sword – Dishes out extra damage per hit.
  • Frost Scythe – Adds +2 Soul Gathering, which is useful for Artifact abilities which require souls from dead enemies to work. Hits can also slow enemies.
  • Heartstealer – Includes lifesteal, which heals you every time you attack an enemy. Attacks also have strong pushback.
  • Eternal Knife – Want souls to keep spamming Artifact abilities? The Eternal Knife is for you. It uses a thrust attack, adds +2 to Soul Gathering and also has a chance to gain souls.
  • Grave Bane – Glaive with longer melee range. Also deals more damage to undead enemies.
  • Venom Glaive – Boasts longer reach and generates poison clouds on hits.
  • Dark Katana – High damage output (121-178 DPS). Deals extra damage to undead enemies.

Now let’s look at the best ranged Unique weapons:

  • Elite Power Bow – Good DPS (107-213) with charged shots that deal greater damage.
  • Hunter’s Promise – Along with a chance to regain arrows, shots will cause pets to attack selected enemies.
  • Voidcaller – Perfect for crowd control as shots will pull enemies in. Also adds +2 to Soul Gathering, allowing you to finish them with a strong Artifact ability.
  • Red Snake – Boasts strong charged attacks and a chance for arrows to explode on impact.
  • Firebolt Thrower – Arrows explode on impact with a chance for a chain reaction which causes explosions across a group of enemies.
  • Guardian’s Bow – Along with strong charged attacks, the Guardian’s Bow also has super charged arrows for even more destructive power.

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