Minecraft Dungeons Guide – Pumpkin Pastures and Highblock Hills Chest Locations

Easily find the chests and secrets in these levels with these tips.

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Much like Fiery Forge, there are chests and secrets to discover in other regions. Due to the random nature of dungeons, there may be more chests to collect than usual. It’s worth going out of your way to find them though. Along with Emeralds, which serve multiple purposes, you get loot drops.

Pumpkin Pastures Chests Locations:

For Pumpkin Pastures, the first chest can be found on the left side before the area begins. There’s also a floating island right before the level starts. Head there and then look down at the boat for a secret chest. As you progress forward, you’ll find a moat. If you roll over it on the right side, you’ll find a golden chest. Another chest can be found en route to the drawbridge. There’s a side path that will take you there.

Highblock Halls Chests Locations:

Two of the chests in this area have completely randomized locations so you’ll need to search high and low for them. Other items are a lot more fixed, making it easier to pinpoint their general locations. The first secret can be found at the start. Go straight to the gate – there will be a shield on the left of the wall. Click on it to open the entrance to the Underhalls level.

Otherwise, travel straight from the gate until you reach a hallway. Travel to the next room and then take a right. At the end, there will be a chest. The next chest pops up after defeating the Buffet. It should be in the center of the large room ahead. Defeat the enemies in the ambush and then stand on the button to unlock the chest.

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