Minecraft Dungeons Guide – Soggy Swamp and Creeper Woods Chest Locations

Check out the locations of the various chests in both levels here.

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Chests abound in Minecraft Dungeons’ Soggy Swamp region. Much like other levels, however, the locations are slightly randomized and you may end up with a lesser number than expected. Nonetheless, we’re going to reveal all the different locations that chests can spawn in.

Upon entering the map, go straight and take a right. Take a left and then another right until you reach the end. There should be a chest in this general vicinity. The next chest can be found in the south after crossing numerous bridges. To find the third chest, head back and take a left – you’ll see it relatively close.

The fourth chest is all the way up in the north. You can find the fifth chest in a more open area. The sixth chest is located further up north from the fifth – you’ll need to eliminate several enemies first.

Creeper Woods Chest Locations

There are about six chests to find in Creeper Woods with locations, again, being semi-randomized. First, make sure you go left from your objective and interact with a button outside of a door. This leads to the area’s secret level. Take the scroll that’s inside, however, and you’ll have to fight several enemies. Defeating them rewards the first chest.

The second chest is found by going straight from the first and is located on the right. The third is located by staying to the right and following the path. The fourth chest can be found in the top-right-most corner of the map. You’ll find the fifth by simply walking to your right. For the sixth and final chest, go back towards the bottom-right map, and keep checking the corners.

For a better idea of chest locations in Soggy Swamp and Creeper Woods, check out the video guides below.

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