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Everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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Publisher:  Capcom

Developer:  Capcom

Platforms:  Nintendo Switch

Genre:  Role Playing

Release Date:  August 28, 2018

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an HD port for the Nintendo Switch of Monster Hunter XX, which released on the 3DS in Japan in March 2017, but never launched in the West. Monster Hunter XX itself was an expanded version of Monster Hunter X, which also released on the 3DS in Japan in 2015, and came out a year later in the West as Monster Hunter Generations.


Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS was made by Capcom as a “greatest hits” title of sorts, as something of a consolidation of the most choice content that had been included in all the previous 3DS Monster Hunter games up until that point. As an expansion for that, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate takes that even further. While naming it, Capcom considered calling iut Momster Hunter Cross G, but felt Monster Hunter X (or Generations, as it was called in the West) was too special of a game due to its nature for that. As such, they settled on the name Monster Hunter XX (or double cross) for its Japanese release, calling it Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate outside of Japan. 

While Monster Hunter XX’s 3DS version was never released outside of Japan, Capcom did eventually release Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, an HD port with updated visuals, in the West.


Being an expansion of Generations, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate’s base content is the same as the former game, however it does add plenty of new content. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has the highest count of monsters in any Monster Hunter game to date. With a total of 129 monster, it exceeds the count of monsters in Generations by 24. Of its 129 monsters, 93 are large monster, which is 22 more than Generations, and 36 are small monster, which is 2 more than GenerationsMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate adds a total of eight completely new monsters to the game as well.

Of these eight, six are Deviant monsters, while two are altogether new. One of these two, the Elder Dragon Valstrax, is also used as flagship monster, while the other flagship monster is Bloodbath Diablos, a Deviant form of the Diablos. Together, they are nicknamed the Unrivalled Two. While there is only one new Elder Dragon in Generations Ultimate, in addition to Bloodbath Diablos, it adds five more Deviant monsters. These are Rustrazor Ceanataur, Boltreaver Asalos, Soulseer Mizutsune, Nightcloak Malfestio, and Elderfrost Gammoth. Additionally, one new Neopteron is also added to the roster of monster, namely Ahtal Ka. which is the second completely new monster in the game.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate also sees the return of 14 monsters from older Monster Hunter titles. Two variant monsters that were first introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, namely the Raging Brachydios and the Chaotic Gore Magala, have been brought back. Beyond these, from the first generation, Basarios, Diablos, Lao-Shan Lung, Crimson Fatalis, Fatalis, and Gravios have returned. From the second generation, White Fatalis, Congala, Conga, Great Thunderbug, and Giadrome have been added back. From the third generation, Barroth and Barioth return. Meanwhile, Nerscylla is the only returning fourth generation monster.

Generations Ultimate also adds a new SP mechanics. By equipping a Style Power Up to a Hunter Art, players can then activate it, which causes them and their party members to enter SP mode. SP mode grants different boosts to players, depending on which Style they use, with an example being being able to use items faster (for the Guild Style). There are also two more new Styles added in the game. All four Styles (in addition to Prowler Mode) from Generations return – those being Aerial, Striker, Guild, and Adept – while the new styles are Alchemy Style and Valor Style.

monster hunter generations ultimate

Alchemy Style is a support style that spawns field items on the fly. These items allow the player to aid teammates with healing or  supporting buffs. With Alchemy Style, players can also equip a total of three Hunter Arts. On the other hand, Valor Style, the other new Style, only lets players use one Hunter Art. Unlike Alchemy, though Valor Style is more attack oriented. It allows players to built up their Valor meter by landing a series of attacks, and once this meter is filled up, they enter Valor State. This lets them evade more easily and lets them pull off more powerful weapon combo. Additionally, each new weapon type also has an added Hunter Art in Generations Ultimate. There are also 39 new Skills in Monster Gunter Generations Ultimate. Furthermore, like other “ultimate” instalments in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate also adds the G-Rank.

G-Rank, as always, makes monsters more powerful, letting them do more damage, giving them more health and better AI, as well as different attack and movement patterns. G-Rank also gives access to G-Rank armour, which can be crafted from parts and materials that are dropped by G-Rank monsters. G-Rank quests can only be accessed once you have completed all Urgent Quests and Key Quests, and are only available in the Gathering Hall. However, if you have completed all Urgent and Key Quests in Generations, you need not do so again in Generations Ultimate, as you can transfer your save data through the 3DS Save Data Transfer App. G-Rank obviously brings G-Rank Quests with it as well. There are six Lv G1 quests, and seven quests each for Lv G2, G3, and G4. Each of these has one Urgent Quest, with the remaining five in Lv G1 and remaining six in Lv G2 being Key Quests. Meanwhile, there are also forty nine new G-Rank Event Quests.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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