Monster Hunter Rise Boss Guide – How to Beat Barioth, Tobi-Kadachi and Magnamalo

Here’s how to tackle two classic foes and the new flagship monster.

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Monster Hunter Rise

Remember how Barioth hopped around like mad in Monster Hunter World? Prepare to face that again in Monster Hunter Rise. The Flying Wyvern deals Ice damage and inflicts Iceblight while being weak to Fire and Thunder. Ailments (namely Fireblight) are still most effective when applied on its head, regardless of the damage type, but attacking its forelegs is also viable.

Barioth is very mobile, repositioning at a moment’s notice. It fires a projectile that can generate an ice tornado – unfortunately, sticking close to the monster isn’t the best solution since it can do this at close range as well. Be careful of its hip checks and regular lunges since they can deal significant damage. Its tail swipe isn’t nearly as bad as in World but make sure that you run past the direction of its mouth instead of trying to step back. Don’t just hang around its head either – the tail swipe can still very much hit you there.

Barioth can also fly into the air and either dive onto the player, fire its icy projectiles or simply reposition itself. On some occasions, it will stand on its hind legs and immediately jump into the air before executing a pounce. This deals a lot of damage so dodge with a Wiredash if you have enough time.

Damaging Barioth’s forelegs and head is key to knocking it down, which is when you break out the big damage attacks. Otherwise, it’s all about being mindful of its position, watching its tells and knowing when to get some hits in. Patience and perseverance will eventually win the day.

How to Defeat Tobi-Kadachi

The electric squirrel returns and is a little tougher than you’d expect. Tobi-Kadachi is all about Thunder, inflicting Thunderblight at a moment’s notice and leaping all over the place. Water element is its main weakness, followed by Fire. Its tail is the best place to target for Cutting and Impact damage, followed by Shot damage. Every other part of its body takes moderate damage from all weapon types, with the exception of its forelegs and hind legs which take the least. In terms of ailment weaknesses, Poison is most effective followed by Blast and Waterblight.

Toss some Poison Kunai when the fight begins to get some DoTs ticking on Tobi-Kadachi. Its attacks primarily utilize its tail – it will spin in place or slam its tail down, the latter causing strong damage. Of course, you should still be careful of any claw swipes, tackles and charges. The real fun starts when Tobi-Kadachi charges its fur, which stands on end and becomes silvery. Be careful of Thunderblight here especially when it glides and transitions into an attack.

Longsword users will probably thrive in this fight since its the easiest for slicing off Tobi-Kadachi’s tail. Avoid the tail slams and counter-attack after some of the smaller hits to whittle down its health. Don’t be afraid to dish out some damage on its back, torso, neck and head when necessary, especially since those can be some of the safest spots to attack. Tobi-Kadachi will also get exhausted overtime so use those opportunities to attack as well.

How to Defeat Magnamalo

This is it – the big flagship monster of Rise, though obviously not the final monster you’ll have to fight. Magnamalo’s gimmick is Hellfire, which essentially inflicts Blastblight that will either detonate with time or when you’re hit next. Using a Deodorant will remove it while a Wiredash causes the Hellfire to drop as a small flame. Upon attacking it, Magnamalo can be knocked down.

Though immune to Fire and Dragon element, Magnamalo is weak to Water followed by Thunder (with Waterblight being the only effective ailment against it). It can infuse Hellfire into its limbs with attacks caused by these creating explosions. Attacking its limbs will remove the Hellfire. The same goes for its mouth though you’ll need to use Stun attacks to remove the fire.

Magnamalo has several states indicated by the intensity of its flames – its fourth and most intense state will see it execute a dash, then quickly in a circle to dispense purple clouds that explode and finally, a leap that ends in an explosion. You’ll receive a warning when this is about to happen so Wiredash up the nearest tree when possible. Cutting and Impact damage are most effective on its head. All damage types are equally effective on its armblade and tailblade. Cutting damage is decent against its tail while Impact damage can hurt its back.

Magnamalo can attack and move around fairly quickly. Be careful of its tail which it slams on the ground profusely – including in a big overhead smash – or uses to spread purple mist that explodes. Of course, it can also unleash claw swipes and charges. One particular attack sees it dashing towards the player with its claw and sliding on the ground but it can quickly recover and fire off projectiles from its tail. Another sees it rearing its head back with purple mist spreading forth in all directions and eventually exploding – move closer to its body to avoid taking damage. It can also casually fire off projectiles from its tail though these are easy enough to avoid from a distance.

Things only get dicier as it begins charging up. It can wind up its tail and fire off a burst of Hellfire energy in a straight line. You’ll also see it leap into the air, as if getting ready to smash its tail but it will instead execute a dive which causes an explosion for massive damage. Stay close to Magnamalo’s forelegs when they’re covered in Hellfire to deal more damage and eventually knock it down. You can also use the Thunderbeetle’s Thunderblight to make it easier to execute stuns.

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