Monster Hunter Rise Boss Guide – How to Beat Basarios, Somnacanth and Rathian

Flying Wyverns and Leviathans are next on the hunting menu.

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Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth

Though some of its behavior may channel Diablos, Basarios isn’t as lethal. Classified as a Flying Wyvern, it can’t fly for very long and will resort to charging, hip-checking and rolling onto foes with its sheer rocky mass to deal damage. Basarios can inflict Poison and Sleep ailments while also dealing Fire damage and is weak to Dragon and Water attacks. Breaking its chest area can result in it taking more damage in that area though it’s head also serves as a good weak spot.

At times, Basarios will dive underground and emerge to attack. This isn’t quite like Diablos’ version of the move – the range is shorter and you’ll have more time to evade. Once its chest area starts glowing or emitting gas, be careful since Basarios can unleash clouds that will afflict you with ailments. Later in the fight, it can unleash this gas three times in a row. Simply keep your distance and ensure you don’t rush in, say with a Wirebug attack, once the first cloud has dispersed.

Basarios is also capable of shooting out Fire projectiles, often in bursts of three. These can be easily avoided by sticking close to the monster and also provides a good opportunity to get some hits in. Impact damage seems especially good for breaking various parts and stunning it but with decent maneuvering, you should have a comfy time with the Lance and Gunlance as well.

How to Defeat Somnacanth

Another Leviathan that’s new to the franchise with Monster Hunter Rise, Somnacanth is quite the slippery character. It can inflict Sleep, Stun, Blastblight and Waterblight – you’ll learn how very quickly.

Somnacanth has a tendency to rear back and stand on its tail. This allows for protecting its head but it will also follow up with a slam attack, a claw swipe or even extending its entire crown to attack (causing it to lay on the ground for a few seconds). Alternatively, it can fire a number of darts at the player which linger for a bit or spray a cloud that induces Sleep.

Use the latter as an opportunity to attack its head, though be careful – along with spraying the cloud in a straight line, it can also sweep across in an arc. If the player is sleepy, it can then follow up with a heavy dive that will inflict serious damage. Leap into the air with the Wirebug to avoid its spray sweep and deal a heavy blow as well. Somnacanth will also lay on its back and start to break open shells which can induce Blastblight, cause a flash or even heal it (which will also heal the player). Attack it in this state to interrupt the move and get some damage in.

How to Defeat Rathian

If you’ve fought Rathian once, you’ve fought her dozens of times. Her patterns haven’t changed much in Rise and she still deals Fire damage though Poison remains her strongest ailment. Weaknesses include Dragon and Thunder element while her head and stomach remain prime targets for attacking. Keep some Flashpods handy when she has to be grounded.

Rathian will often attempt to poison the player with her claws and tail, usually executing a backflip with the latter. Severing her tail doesn’t stop the tail from inflicting poison. While on the ground, she’ll charge back and forth several times and often swing her tail, both dealing decent damage. Her charge can be extremely annoying since being close to her claws is also enough to take damage. Rathian also has flame breath – once she uses it, attack her head to get some damage in. Sometimes, she’ll shoot a burst of Fire projectiles, which can be avoided easily enough if you’re close to her.

Rathian doesn’t tend to stay in the air for as long as Rathalos. However, she will sometimes roar when in mid-air, which can result in your Wirebug attacks being interrupted.

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