Monster Hunter Rise Boss Guide – How to Beat Zinogre, Tigrex and Diablos

It’s a triple threat of classic monsters.

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Monster Hunter Rise - Tigrex

Good ol’ thunder wolf has made its way into Monster Hunter Rise. Zinogre is a Fanged Wyvern that deals Thunder damage and can inflict Thunderblight. Its weaknesses include Ice, followed by Water and Fire. Naturally, it’s immune to Thunder damage and resistant to Dragon element attacks. In terms of weak points, its head is the best place to attack for Cutting, Impact and Shot damage. Ailments like Blast and Iceblight are also decently effective.

Zinogre is extremely nimble, executing twirls, backflips and handstands like it’s going for gold at the Olympics. Due to its size and long tail, you can take damage from a simple graze so be careful. Be careful of its claw slams as well since they deal exceptional damage. Zinogre is capable of shooting electric projectiles from its tail, though they travel slowly enough to dodge.

Take note of the small particles gathering around Zinogre as time passes. It will start building up an electric charge and finally howl before being covered in electricity. Its attacks will start inflicting Thunder damage with more extensive combos being pulled out. Zinogre will also charge across, double-back and execute a front flip, landing on its back and dispersing Thunder around it. Deal enough damage to stun it out of its electrified state or simply stop it from gathering charge before it’s too late. Given how much safer its non-charged state is, take full advantage of its charging windows to bring it down.

How to Defeat Tigrex

Another returning monster, Tigrex’s sheer aggression still remains. Thunder is its main weakness followed by Dragon and Water elemental attacks. It’s resistant to Fire and Ice, and can stun the player with its relentless attacks. In terms of weak points, focus on its forelegs with Cutting or Impact damage. All types of damage are effective on its head and ailments like Blast and Thunderblight work decently enough.

The key to beating Tigrex is to stay off to the side as it careens at you with its attacks. It also has a tendency to upend rocks in the player’s direction but these are easy to dodge. Tigrex’s roars can hurt if you’re too close and though not super dangerous, it still deals decent enough damage. Maintain a good distance and wait for it to charge at you. Move to the side and follow up with attacks to its head or forelegs when it stops. Save the big damage attacks for when it falls.

How to Defeat Diablos

Monster Hunter World players may still have nightmares of Diablos. The Flying Wyvern that can’t actually fly is known for its charges that can absolutely chunk a player’s health when it doesn’t outright one-shot. Its attacks also inflict stun, which leaves you defenseless against the next attack. Bring Ice element weapons, followed by Water or Dragon, to the fight. Paralysis, Iceblight and Blast are also good ailments to inflict.

Impact damage is best on the head though Cutting and Impact damage are effective on its abdomen. Ranged users should aim for its wings whenever possible. Along with charges, Diablos will hip-check you often. It also has a habit of swinging its head back and forth, slamming its tail down and swiping its tail. Of course, the main attraction is when Diablos burrows underground, resurfacing to attack. You can use Sonic Bombs to force it out, and then dish out some damage while its briefly sunned.

Staying out of Diablos’ way, either to the side or the back, will be necessary. Try to time your attacks to land when it finishes a charge or regular attack. If you can master hitting it with your most damaging Hammer attacks, then the fight should be over in a hurry.

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