Monster Hunter Rise Guide – All Silkbind and Switch Skills, and Choosing the Best Weapon

Check out all of the new skills and find out which weapon best suits you.

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Monster Hunter Rise mixes up the classic formula by introducing new Silkbind attacks. These rely on the Wirebug to execute certain moves and as such, they share a cooldown with the same. However, along with Silkbind attacks, there are different Switch Skills which provide an alternative move in that slot. For example, the Great Sword’s Tackle can be switched out for Guard Tackle which is a slower tackle used to guard against attacks before transitioning to a True Charged Slash.

Check out all of the different Silkbind and Switch skills below in Arekkz Gaming’s video. It’s also worth noting the different weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Like previous games, there are 14 archetypes to choose from. There is no true best weapon in the game – it all depends on your play-style and how you’d like to approach hunts. But regardless, you can find success with any weapon type if you know how to use it properly.

Here’s a brief rundown of each weapon and which play-styles they suit the best.

  • Longsword – Great combos and exceptional damage along with decent counter-attacks. The Longsword is capable of some diverse movesets and is relatively easy to pick up.
  • Dual Blades – Quick attacks and exceptional dodging, the Dual Blades are for those who favor hit and run tactics instead of defense. Great for elemental damage and status builds due to its quick attack speed.
  • Hunting Horn – Often labelled a “support” weapon, the Hunting Horn is capable of providing buffs while also dishing out heavy damage and K.O.s. Its changes in Rise make it easier to pick up and manage than before.
  • Charge Blade – Perhaps the most complex weapon in the game, the Charge Blade’s default form is a sword and shield. It can transform into an axe and, when its phials are filled, release a powerful discharge attack. Great for a variety of play-styles though takes a while to master.
  • Sword and Shield – A well-balanced weapon that can be geared towards DPS, defense, support and so on. It’s main advantage is being able to use items without sheathing the weapon.
  • Hammer – Heavy blows but still decent mobility, the Hammer is capable of combos and K.O. hits. Perfect for those who want to knock-out monsters and deal big damage.
  • Switch Axe – A transforming weapon that offers mobility and good damage in axe mode and slightly less mobility but even more damage in sword mode. Sword mode can also deliver Elemental Discharge explosions for big burst damage.
  • Insect Glaive – A glaive that boasts incredible mobility and a Kinsect which can be used to target individual parts of a monster and gain buffs that enhance the glaive’s combos.
  • Great Sword – Slow mobility but delivers heavy charged blows which require some timing for exceptional damage. Also has some decent damage reduction abilities thanks to its Tackle.
  • Lance – The strongest shield in the game, the Lance can block almost every attack and deliver powerful counter-attacks. Though it doesn’t have the best mobility, it’s exceptional for those who favor a more tanky play-style.
  • Gunlance – Offers a great defensive option like the Lance but also some strong damage with its explosive shells. The Gunlance also has Wyrmstake, which deals burst damage to a monster, and stronger mobility options thanks to new skills in Rise.
  • Bow – A ranged weapon that utilizes different coatings for different arrow types. Consistent damage and varied options along with good mobility, though it lacks in defenses.
  • Light Bowgun – Another ranged weapon which requires reloading after a set number of shots, it boasts good mobility and a variety of options thanks to its ammo types. Can also release some strong explosive damage.
  • Heavy Bowgun – The highest damage ranged option, the Heavy Bowgun is capable of dishing out some serious pain from a distance thanks to charged shots and ammo types like Cluster Bombs. New skills in Rise provide counter-attacks and more mobility.

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