Monster Hunter World: All Environmental Traps, Restorative Items, Effects And More

This guide will tell you how to use the environment in the game to your advantage.

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There are various items and environmental traps out there in the world of Monster Hunter: World that can aid you and can also be used to damage enemies. These can make fights easier for you, so it’s essential to learn about the different ways in which the environment can assist you. This guide will help you figure out how to make use of each and every environmental trap and buff.

Restorative Items

  • Vigorwasps: You can activate the Vigorwasp when you see it to get healed a bit.
  • Vitalities: Anyone that touches these flowers will have their health restored.
  • Wiggly Litchi: These can be used to reduce stamina depletion.


  • Hanging Boulders: You can find thee trapped in vines in the Ancient Forest. You can push them onto unsuspecting foes by shooting at it with your Slinger.
  • Poison Cups: These damage anything that touches it.
  • Vine Traps: You can lead monsters to these dense vines and they will be trapped for a short while and will be unable to move.
  • Flashflies: When you strike these, they will emit a bright light that can stun monsters.
  • Paratoads: When you strike these, they will release a cloud of static charge that will stun/paralyze anything within range.
  • Sporepuffs: When you strike these, they will create a thick smoke which you can use as cover to get away from enemies.
  • Nitrotoads: When you strike these, they will spray out something that can immobilize large monsters.
  • Sleeptoads: As the name suggests, when you strike these, they will spray out a gas that can put monsters to sleep.

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