Monster Hunter World Item Guide: Essential Items To Carry While You Are Hunting

A full list of essential items that you need to carry all times.

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Monster Hunter World

There are a lot of items that are going to crowd your inventory space as you progress further in the game. There  are some items that you should always try and take with you when you’re going out to the field on quests and expeditions. This guide will let you know what items you should take with you.


Herbal Medicine: While Antidote can be used to cure Poison, this item works a lot faster. You just have to combine Antidote and Blue Mushroom to make it.

Nulberry: These are used to cure the many blights you can get afflicted with.

Potion: This item restores health and can be made using herbs.

Shock Trap: This item immobilizes an enemy for a short duration.

Flash Pods: These can be used to blind monsters and also prevent them from running away. You can make these using just a Flash Bug.

Mega Potion: This item heals you and increases max HP which can be crafted using honey and health potion.

Armorskin: Using this item increases your defense and you can make it by combining Catalyst and Armor Seed.

Demondrug: This item increases your attack power and can be crafted using Catalyst and Might Seed.

EZ Ration: This will increase your stamina and can be found in the supply box during the beginning of any main mission.

Astera Jerky: Used to stop bleeding.

Large Barrel Bomb: This ideal for causing decent damage to some of the bigger monsters in the game.

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