Monster Hunter World Lunastra Dragon Boss Fight Guide: Location, Best Tips, Armor And More

This guide will show you how exactly to find the Lunastra dragon and what tactics to use to defeat it.

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The new Lunastra update is now out and it allows you to try and take on the Elder Dragon Lunastra. This is going to be quite a difficult challenge and if you’re planning to try and defeat the dragon to gain some great loot, then this guide is here to help you out.


To  find Lunastra, you will first have to take on the ‘Blazing Sun’ quest which you can take from the Huntsman who is located in the Astera Trading Yard. This quest will require you to defeat Teostra in the Wildspire Waste. Once you are done with this,  head over to the Smithy in Astera and he will give you a new quest called ‘Pandora’s Arena’ which is where you will meet this bad boy.


The Lunastra Dragon will deal a lot of fire damage so make sure you’re wearing some fire resistant armor. The dragon will sometimes send out blue flames which deal a lot of damage, so try and keep your distance when you see the attack. A Bow would  be a good weapon to use in this fight as it allows you keep your distance from the blue fire while still dealing damage. Make sure you carry the Cool Drink item as it can come in very handy during this fight.

And lastly, since the fight takes place in the Special Arena, you can make use of the Boulder Trap and the Dragonator. Use them to your advantage.

Once you defeat the dragon, you can slay  a new armor sets and some weapons and also a new outfit for your Palico comapanion. Below you can see the armor and the boss fight in action:

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