Naughty Dog Dev And Former PS4 Architect On Switch: Nintendo Hitting All Of Their Strengths

Great expectations.

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The Nintendo Switch’s unveiling might not have gone down all that well with the enthusiast gamer, but all indications are that just about everyone is pretty happy with the thing. ‘Just about everyone’ also includes Naughty Dog- or at least, one of the most preeminent developers at Naughty Dog.

Drew Thaler is a notable hardware and software engineer for Sony– he was previously one of the key architects for the storage system on the PS4 and the creator of PlayGo, and currently works at Naughty Dog with programming. Speaking on his Twitter, Thaler expressed his views on the Nintendo Switch, which, in his opinion, is set to do great.

Speaking about the Switch itself, he said, ‘Overall, the Switch is just about exactly what I expected. A lot of very smart moves happening over there. It’s a high-def 3DS, it’s a lightweight console, it’s motion control and casual. Hitting all [of Nintendo’s] strengths.’

He also discussed third party support for the system- noting that while publishers may be cautious right now, they will come when it inevitably sells. ‘I feel like publishers are cautious, but remember that publishers follow audiences, not vice versa.’ And why does he feel like the system is bound to sell? Because he feels that its very design gives Nintendo an easy out. ‘Switch has a holiday price drop already built into it. Take out the dock and charging grip and… bam! Handheld SKU.’

Speaking about some of the more notable third party games announced for the Switch, Thaler stated that he believes Skyrim on Switch is a really good move on Nintendo’s part. ‘Skyrim on Nintendo Switch is a pretty good snag. A big port with established reputation that is (maybe) just at the limit of what it can do.’ When a fan expressed concern that it was Skyrim, and not some more recent Bethesda game, Thaler conceded that the Switch’s power was probably the cap here. ‘Switch isn’t a big hitter in either power or game size. Given what it is, Skyrim’s probably it (for now).’

He also admitted to being surprised about Minecraft being on the Switch, given that Microsoft now owns the property. ‘Minecraft on Switch is interesting. Not a foregone conclusion since the acquisition. The big question: does it still have legs?’

Does it? That remains to be seen. However, as it stands right now, the Switch is a tantalizing proposition, in spite of all that Nintendo are doing wrong with it. It will be fascinating to see how it performs on the market when it finally releases worldwide on March 3.

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