NHL 21 Guide – How to Perform Dekes, Win Fights and Earn HUT Coins

Outsmart your opponent and rack up the Coins with these tips.

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NHL 21

NHL 21 offers lots of fun, interesting moves to perform. Dekes are part of that line-up and there are all new kinds to execute. Let’s look at The Kucherov first which is based Nikita Kucherov of Tampa Bay Lightning. This is a unique fake that’s also not too hard to execute. Simply press L1/LB and flick the left stick to the left or the right stick to the right.

Then there are Slips, Chips and Banks which can help create space, among other things. To execute a Slip, use the left stick to skate on the boards and press L1/LB. For a Chip, hold L1/LB while skating and then press R1/RB. Use this when trying to get pass a defender on the open ice.

Banks let you pass the puck back to yourself with the boards. Regular Banks can be executed by close to the boards, holding L1/LB and pressing R2/RT. For Net Banks, make sure you’re behind the goal. Hold L1/LB and press L2/LT.

How to Start (and Win) Fights

It wouldn’t be hockey without a fight breaking out. Starting a fight simply requires you to press Triangle/Y. These same prompts can be used to accept a fight. Of course, it’s also possible to start a fight by body checking an opponent or shoot at the goalie after making a play.

Before getting into a fight, keep in mind the player that’s being sent out to scrap. Avoid using your best players since they’ll be in time-out for five minutes. Also, don’t just lay in the punches since that will rapidly deplete stamina. Instead, dodge and block your opponent’s offense, look for an opening when they’re winded and work ’em over. If you successfully win a fight, then you’ll receive an energy refill for the team.

Here are the controls for fighting:

  • Grab – L2/LT (hold)
  • Fake Grab – L2/LT
  • Block/Lean – R2/RT (hold)
  • Dodge – R2/RT
  • Push – Press up on the left stick
  • Pull – Press down on the left stick
  • Overhand Punch – Press up on the right stick
  • Uppercut – Press down on the right stick

How to Earn Coins for HUT

If you’ve played Ultimate Team in FIFA or Madden, then playing HUT in NHL 21 is pretty similar. You earn Coins which can be spent on items like consumables, player items, packs and so on. Points are purchased with real money and also used for buying packs. You’ll essentially need a steady income of Coins to progress through HUT but fortunately, the tips for earning them are the same.

First up is to work your way through the different challenges, since they can be completed realtively easily and provide a good amount of packs. It’s also possible to earn consumables and Coins through this method. Partake in Square Battles as well – these are offline matches against other HUT teams and also provide packs and Coins upon winning.

Next up is are the online HUT matches. The amount of Coins earned depends on your performance in the match along with the outcome (losing nets less Coins). Along with currency, completing matches will also go towards earning cards and packs. Keep an eye out on Milestones and HUT objectives along with daily objectives and any special event tasks for even more ways to earn Coins. Finally, don’t be afraid to look at the Auction House.

As usual, you’ll want to look for good cards, buy them and flip them for a chance at turning a profit. Selling cards in bulk is also possible though not as lucrative. Hang on to any decent cards and look for chances to sell them down the line.

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