Nioh 2 Boss Guide – How to Beat Mezuki and Enera

Here’s how to take out the first two challenging bosses of Nioh 2.

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Mezuki will be your first real boss fight in Nioh 2 and is quite the demonic hell-horse. Wielding a staff, it’s capable of wide-ranging attacks with one projectile attack thrown in. It’s recommended to be at level 8 and have some knowledge of the Burst Counter before challenging Mezuki.

Stay out of range of its staff and attack when there’s an opening. At one point, Mezuki will start glowing red – Burst Counter to stagger it and unleash as much damage as possible. When left with 30 percent life, the Dark Realm will invade and cause your Ki to regenerate slowly.

Mezuki’s moveset is more or less the same, save for one new addition. It will fire spirits at you which can be dodged by side-stepping. Otherwise, be careful with approaching him, manage your Ki correctly and victory should be yours.

How to Beat Enera

Enera is pretty infamous at this point and while he can be quite challenging, knowing the moveset and how to react will get you through. Enera is found in the mission “The Beast Born of Smokes and Flames” and you should ideally be level 20 beforehand.

First off, when keeping some distance from Enera, he’ll create exploding fireballs on the floor in front. This means you can’t stick close to him all the time so pick an opening and attack. Enera can also turn into a tornado and zip around the stage, causing damage, but he’ll glow red before executing this. Use the Burst Counter to stagger him.

Once Enera has lot enough health, the Dark Realm will invade. Enera will also start throwing small tornadoes at you but these move slowly enough to dodge. The real problem is Enera’s teleportation during this where he’ll explode and re-assemble behind you, sometimes mid-combo. It’s fairly telegraphed but make sure to stay on your guard all the same. Keep using Burst Counter when Enera glows red, try not to block all of his blows since they can eat up your Ki, and keep some Water Amulets to deal more damage. Be observant to the patterns and he should go down eventually.

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