Nioh 2 Boss Guide – How to Beat William and Hattori Hanzo

Here’s how to defeat some of the more familiar faces from Nioh 1.

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Nioh 2 - Hattori Hanzo

Quite a few characters from Nioh 1 appear in Nioh 2 to fight you. Perhaps the most surprising is William, the last game’s protagonist, who serves as a boss in the main mission “The Blue-eyed Samurai”. The recommended level for this mission is 109.

That being said, William isn’t exactly a handful. Besides utilizing katana and spear attacks – notably an attack with the katana that can be Burst Countered without any trouble – he’ll also summon his Guardian Spirit. This brings out small whirlpools that appear under your feet. Move out of the way and you should be fine (though they don’t really do much damage if you stand still). Simply wait for William to attack, dodge or look for openings and follow-up to defeat him.

How to Beat Hattori Hanzo

Speaking of familiar characters, Hattori Hanzo will also challenge you. He’s fought in two separate Dojo Missions “The One Who Lives in the Shadows” and “Like Lightning”. Both require you to be level 80.

In the first fight, he isn’t too bad – simply equip a spear and poke and prod with Mid Stance attacks. Use High Stance attacks like Spear Flourish to stun him and deal some damage. The second Dojo Mission can be more challenging since you’re forced to use the tonfa. Along with moving pretty quick, Hanzo can unleash an attack that can take off a huge portion of your health.

Watch out for this attack – he can use it even if you start a combo and will pursue you to follow-up after. If you don’t care, keep attacking to take down his Ki and hit him with finishers.

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