Octopath Traveler Complete Guide: Best Job Combinations, Leveling Guide, How To Farm Money, Bosses And More

A complete guide for Octopath Traveler.

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Octopath Traveler Complete Guide: Best Job Combinations, Leveling Guide, How To Farm Money, Bosses And More

Octopath Traveler is a game from Square Enix in which you can explore the unique stories of eight different characters. Regardless of which character you choose to play, you can still go on to see the stories of the other seven major characters in the game. This is a game with lots of quests to complete, dungeons to explore, and a fairly complex combat system to master. This guide is here to help you out with anything at all that you may want to know about the game.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


Don’t Worry Too Much About Your Starting Character

In this game, regardless of which character you pick, you will be able to see the complete stories of all of the other characters in the game. As this is the case, you shouldn’t worry about missing  out on anyone’s stories when picking a character. Instead, just pick a character whose class would suit your playstyle.

Explore All The Optional Dungeons

When out in the field, you will come across some dungeons and these are optional. All of the story-related dungeons are connected to towns. Exploring the optional dungeons will grant you with some great rewards and your characters will also gain some much-needed levels in the process.

Make Use Of Fast Travel

You can bring up the menu by pressing the minus button. Once you do so, you will have the option to travel to any nearby safe haven. This option can also be made use of inside dungeons, so make sure you make use of it when in need of some rest.

Use Buffs And Debuffs When Fighting Bosses

Boss fights in this game can be really difficult and one of the key aspects to come out on top in these battles is to make use off all of the buffs and debuffs you can. Exploit the boss’ weaknesses and buff your party to enhance their strengths and boss battles will become a lot easier.

Pay Attention To The Danger Indicator

The Danger Indicator will let you know what the danger level of an area you enter is. If the danger level is higher than your party’s current level, then turn back! Even if you would like a challenge, it’s not advisable to go into an area with a very high danger level.

Use Path Actions

Different paths offer different actions that can be used outside of battle, such as the Thief’s ability to steal. Use the steal ability to get some extra loot out of combat scenarios.

Use Steal And Collect In Battle

The Thief’s steal skill and the Merchant’s Collect skill should be used out in the battlefield to make lots of money. This is one of the best ways to earn money in the game, so make sure that you use these skills.


There is no such things as a bad combination in the game, and you should feel free to try out any combination you want to. However, there are some combinations that work well for some characters and make them more efficient on the battlefield. You can find below some of the combinations that tend to work well with the different characters in the game.

Job Combinations For Therion

  • Thief And Scholar: This combination will work well if you make use of the Thief’s steal SP ability. This will allow you to keep refilling spells during battle and always ahve a few spells at your disposal.
  • Thief And Dancer: The Thief class is one that is mainly centered around the element of speed. The Dancer class grants a 10% boost to both speed and evasion, so it enhances Therion’s role as a Thief in battle.

Job Combinations For Primrose

  • Dancer And Scholar: Primros’e Dancer class is mainly all about buffing others, but choosing the Scholar sublcass also allows her to deal some heavy damage in battle. The Dancer class also comes with good elemental attack stats, so combining this with the Scholar’s spells make perfect sense.

Job Combinations For H’aanit

  • Hunter And Thief: The Thief stat bonuses work well with the Hunter’s abilities. It’s also neat to be able to debuff enemies before sending out the Hunter’s creatures into battle.
  • Hunter And Warrior: H’aanit as a Hunter deals a lot of damage with her abilities, but she can be kind of squishy in battle. Choosing the Warrior subclass maker her tougher for enemies to take down in battle.

Job Combinations For Cyrus

  • Scholar And Dancer: The Dancer Class will grant higher evasion, speed, and most importantly elemental attack. This will also extend his use and will allow him to grant buffs and debuffs. Furthermore, the Dancer’s passive ability which restores SP is of great use to Cyrus’ Scholar role.
  • Scholar And Cleric: This is also a natural fit as it grants Cyrus Holy and Light magic and allows to play the role of a healer along with his role of dealing damage, making him doubly useful in any party.
  • Scholar And Merchant: This is a useful combination because of the Merchant’s Rest ability which allows you to Rest during a turn and then restores HP, SP, and also gets rid of any negative status effects. This allows Cyrus to keep up his barrage of spells without worrying about running out of SP.

Job Combinations For Tressa

  • Merchant And Warrior: Choosing the Warrior subclass actually lets Tressa become quite a viable tank in the game, so consider going this path if you’re in need of another tanky character in your party.
  • Merchant And Thief: This is a decent combination even within combat, but where it truly comes into use is the ability to steal and get cash from everything on the battlefield. Going with this combination ensures you won’t need another dedicated Thief in the party later on.

Job Combinations For Ophilia

  • Cleric And Scholar: Thanks to her stats, the Scholar subclass works well, granting access to some neat spells which can be used effectively in battle to deal damage apart from using her other skills to heal the party.
  • Cleric And Dancer: Ophilia’s role as a Cleric is to support the party rather than to engage in battle, and getting the Dancer subclass allows her to offer even more support to the party by way of buffs and debuffs.

Job Combinations For Olberic

  • Warrior And Thief: The HP Thief and Armor Corrosive abilities work great for Olberic and allows him to heal himself while attacking enemies and also debuffing them.
  • Warrior And Apothecary: The Apothecary subclass will grant a 20% HP boost which makes Olberic even tankier than he already is. Furthermore, he will also be able to heal using some Apothecary skills and he also gets boosts to Attack, Defense, and Critical.
  • Warrior And Cleric: Choosing the Cleric Subclass is great for Olberic because it grants him access to healing abilities and holy spells which will ensure that he is very difficult for enemies to take down in battle.

Job Combinations For Alfyn 

  • Apothecary And Hunter: Going with the Hunter subclass offers some great stat bonuses and also ties in well with the Apothecary’s natural skills. The ability to call in creatures in battle makes Alfyn more useful and versatile in the battlefield.
  • Apothecary And Warrior: Alfyn is quite weak in battle, but choosing the Warrior subclass makes him a lot more viable in battle by making him tougher to take down and also allowing him to wield different weapon types.


To find secondary classes for your characters, you will have to visit the particular Job Shrines around the game’s world. You can find below locations of each of the Bob Shrines out there.

  • Warrior: To unlock the Warrior subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Thunderblade in North Stonegard Pass where it is looked after by Brand the Thunderblade.
  • Scholar: To unlock the Scholar subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Sage in Western Noblecourt Flats where it is looked after by Alephan the Scholarking.
  • Cleric: To unlock the Cleric subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Flamebearer  in Western Stillsnow Wilds where it is looked after by Aelfric, Flamebringer.
  • Apothecary: To unlock the Apothecary subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Healer in East Saintbridge Traverse where it is looked after by Dohter the Charitable.
  • Hunter: To unlock the Hunter subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Huntress in East Victors Hollow Trail where it is looked after by Draefendi the Huntress.
  • Merchant: To unlock the Merchant subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Trader in Moonstruck Coast where it is looked after by Bilfgran the Trader.
  • Dancer: To unlock the Dancer subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Lady of Grace in Northern Wellspring Sands where it is looked after by Sealticge, Lady of Grace.
  • Thief: To unlock the Thief subclass, you will have to visit the Shrine of the Prince of Thieves in South QuarryCrest Pass where it is looked after by Aeber, Prince of Thieves.

Apart from these shrines, there are also some secret shrines which allow you to unlock some secondary jobs that are totally unique and aren’t available as primary classes for any character. The following are the secret subclasses.

  • Runelord: You can unlock the Runelord subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Runelord.
  • Starseer: You can unlock the Starseer subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Starseer.
  • Sorcerer: You can unlock the Sorcerer subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Sorcerer.
  • Warmaster: You can unlock the Warmaster subclass by visiting the Shrine of the Warmaster.


The primary way to earn XP and level up in the game is by defeating enemies you find around the world. However, this depends on the chapter you’re in so you will have to find the right kind of enemies to level up with during different chapters.

In the first chapter, one of the best ways to level up is to go to the Carion Caves in South Bolderfall Pass and fight the enemies in this area. The enemies here can be challenging, so prepared for it! Make sure you have a support character with you who can heal your party, and you will be able to take down difficult enemies liek Cait which will reward you with a lot of XP.

In chapter 2, you can earn XP by doing the story dungeon twice with different characters. Make sure you use Primrose’s Bewildering Grace ability to earn a greater amount of XP from your encounters with enemies. You will also be able to find some items such as the Alluring Ribbon which will help you level up faster. When it comes down to it though, leveling up mostly consists of grinding.

Once you hit level 15, you will be able to go to the town of Grandport which is a level 45 area and before proceeding further, you should first save your progress so far. Then, go ahead to the west entrance of the town and you will find a signpost there. At this location, you will encounter a pair of Greater Kingfishers  and you will be able to take them down by exploiting their weaknesses and by effectively healing your party. You will earn 609 XP from defeating the enemies, and it’s possible to keep repeating this battle to go on leveling up. You can take on enemies of higher levels to level up quicker but if they are more than 30 levels higher, there isn’t much of a chance to defeat them. However, enemies whose levels are not that high will give you a good challenge and also reward you with some great XP.


After completing all of the eight stories of the main characters, you’re still not really done with the game. In fact, there’s a special ending in the game in which you beat try and complete a very difficult dungeon.

First of all, reaching the dungeon is no easy task. To be able to do so, you have to do a lot of things such as completing all the main tales, finishing some quests, and then talking to some NPCs. The first of the quests is called ‘Daughter of the Dark God.’ This quest begins outside Ravus manor in Bolderfall. You’ll see a nearby guard talking to a woman named Lyblac, and you should proceed to challenge the guard to a duel using either Obleric or H’aanit. Once you win the duel, head on over to Saintsbridge and you will come across the guard once again. You need to get the poem he’s holding and you will be able to do so using either the Steal or Purchase skills from Therion and Tressa respectively. Once you get the poem, just hand it over to Flora whom you can find nearby in the Cathedral. You can then see how the quest’s story ends and the quest will be completed.

The next quest that you have to do is called ‘In Search of Father.’ You have to find a character called Kit just outside the city where you started off. When you first meet him, hand him a Healing Grape and then travel to Noblecourt to meet him again. To his right, there will be a Theater troupe member whom you will have to lead to Kit by using Ophilia’s Guide ability or Primrose’s Allure ability. Next, you have to get a Lapis Lazuli in Grandport and you can do this by stealing or purchasing it from a merchant. Once you have the item, hand it to Kit at Moonstruck Coast to complete the quest.

Now that you’re done with both quests, go to the West S’warki Trail and talk to the impresario to unlock the Ruins of Hornburg which can be a very challenging dungeon. Make sure you’re prepared for a tough fight and then head on in!


Battle-Tested weapons are some of the very best weapons you can find in the game. Once you find an NPC who has such a weapon, you will have to use Therion to steal it for you or Tressa can purchase it from them. Listed below are all of the battle-tested weapons along with their locations.

  • Battle-Tested Staff: You can get this weapon from the Bishop in Saintsbridge.
  • Battle-Tested Dagger: You can get this weapon from Vanessa in Undertow Cove in North Rippletide Coast.
  • Battle-Tested Bow: You can get this from Z’aanta in S’warki once you complete all of the stories.
  • Battle-Tested Shield: You can get this weapon from Grieg in Marsalim.
  • Battle-Tested Axe: You can get this weapon from Ned in Victors Hollow.
  • Battle-Tested  Blade: You can get this weapon from Erhardt in Wellspring once you complete all of the stories.
  • Battle-Tested Spear: You can get this weapon from Leon in Rippletide once you complete Mikk and Makk’s side quest in Noblecourt.

Apart from the Battle-Tested weapons, there are some great other weapons you can use as well. You  can  find them listed below along with their locations.

  • Heathcote’s Dagger: You can get this weapon once you complete Heathcote’s epilogue side quest.
  • Bishop’s Staff: You can get this weapon once you complete Lianna’s epilogue side quest. Alternatively, you could also choose to just steal the weapon from her.
  • Harald’s Sword: You can get this weapon once you complete Reggie and Harald’s epilogue side quest.


There are a number of bonuses you can gain from combat in the game if you meet certain criteria. One particular bonus that stands out is the Domination bonus which requires you to defeat all of the enemies in just one turn. This means that if you have a full party, everyone gets to act once and if you manage to defeat ll of the enemies within just that turn, you will get the  Domination bonus. Obviously, this is going to be easier to do when you have a full party.

The best strategy  to get this bonus is to first focus on breaking the enemies’ defenses and to then follow up with some devastating  special attacks to quickly kill them. It might be hard to gain this bonus in the early parts oft he game but later on, it shouldn’t be too difficult once your characters get more powerful.


The Golden Axe is a neat weapon for the early part of the game, and it can really  help you get past some of the tough encounters at this point. First of all, make sure you have Therion and either H’aanit or Obleric in your party, and then head on to Clearbook. In front of the house, you will see the granddaughter standing guard. Challenge her to a duel and win the battle.

Once you’ve done this, head inside and you will see an old man. You just have to use Therion’s Steal ability to steal the Golden Axe from the old man. Try  and avoid getting caught though.


Once you’ve completed all of the main stories, epilogue stories will become available to complete. One of these, Ogen’s Epilogue quest requires you to find the Mind-Me-Always flower. Once you get the quest, head to Victors Hollow  and you will see a female NPC near the tavern  who is a florist. You can the Mind-Me-Always flower from her either by purchasing it using Tressa’s ability or stealing  it using Therion’s ability. Either way, once you have the flower, all you have to do is return it to Ogen  to complete the quest.


There are a lot of ways to earn money in the game. The most straightforward method is to complete all of the quests you possibly can as these will reward you with a decent amount of money. Another way to earn money is to make sure you have Tressa in the party as as her abilities make you earn more money from battles and she can also gain discounts on purchases. You can also save money by stealing items using Therion’s abilities and then selling them.

You can also choose to just grind in battle to earn money. This may be a bit tedious, but it’s a great way to earn more money in the game.


As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock more advanced skills which will make your characters much more powerful than when they start out. After every battle, you will earn Job Points which can be used to unlock skills for each character. As you unlock more and more skills, they also get more expensive so make sure you plan ahead and pick only those skills which seems absolutely essential. Only 4 Passive skills can be equipped at a time while any number of Aggressive skills can be equipped at a time.


H’annit starts off as the only Hunter in the game and he has the ability to capture creatures during battle.  To do this, just use the Action menu and select the ‘Beast Lore’ skill and you will be able to choose which of the animal opponents you want to capture. Before you try to capture the animal, you should first damage the animal a bit and even try and stun it so that you capture it with ease. Once you’ve captured the animal, you will be able tyo make use of its unique abilities and skills by calling upon it to aid you in battle.


You can find below information about each of the bosses in the game along with some tips on how to defeat them. All of the bosses will have higher defense and greater health if you go with a larger party.

Guardian Of The First Flame

You will come across this boss during the first part of Ophilia’s story. During this boss fight, the boss will summon two Dark Wisps to aid him in combat. The Wisps can be really annoying so your best bet would be to get rid of them first. If you don’t kill them, they will self-immolate after three turns and damage the whole party in the process.

As for the boss himself, he has some attacks which will damage the whole party. Just make sure you exploit his weaknesses against staffs, short blades, swords, and poison. If you kill the boss successfully, you will gain some great loot and if you manage to kill the Dark Wisps as well, you will also earn a Shadow Soulstone.


This boss musty be defeated as a part of H’aanit’s story. This boss is weak against arrows, swords, and lightning. Make sure you exploit these weaknesses and you will be able to defeat this boss without too much difficulty.


You will come across this boss during the first chapter of Obleric’s story, Gaston will be accompanied by two Brigands in this battle. Gaston has high defense so you should focus on breaking his guard at first. This boss is weak against shorty blades, lightning, and staffs so make sure you exploit these weaknesses.

The Brigands can also pose a tough challenge, so make sure you’re prepared for this fight. Gaston mostly just attacks a single target but he also has some moves where he will damage your entire party. Be ready for these hits so that you can quickly recover and heal your party.

Blotted Viper

You will come across this boss during the first chapter of Alfyn’s story. The Blotted Viper will also be accompanied by two Mottled Asps during the battle and you should focus on first disposing of these before turning your  attention to the boss. Beware of his poison attacks which can poison the entire team.

The Blotted Viper is weak against swords, arrows, short blades, and staffs so exploit these weaknesses to make the fight easier. The Mottled Asps also share the same weaknesses, so it’s not too complicated.


You will come across Russell during the first chapter of Cyrus’ story. Russell will be accompanied by two Water Wisps in battle, so you should try and get rid of these first before moving on to Russell. This boss is weak against short blades, staffs, and swords while the Water Wisps are weak against maces, fire, and lightning attacks.

Russell mostly will attack with single target attacks, but he also has some attacks which will damage the entire party. One of these is his special moves but you can easily tell when he is going to use the special move because he will start saying an incantation before using it. Be ready when it’s coming so that you can quickly heal your party if needed.


Helgenish is a boss you will have to fight during Primrose’s story. Helgenish will be accompanied by two of his minions so it would be best to deal with them first before fighting Helgenish. This boss is weak against short blades and arrows while his minions are weak against poison, axes, and swords. Helgenish will mostly strike  only sa single character but he has some special moves up his sleeves that are capable of damaging everyone in your party.

Mikk And Makk 

Mikk and Makk are the bosses you will have to fight as part of Tressa’s story. Mikk is weak against lightning, axes, and poison and he is the easier of the two bosses to defeat. He mostly attacks single targets but his Mutiny attack will damage your entire party, so be ready for it!

Makk offers a more challenging fight and he is weak against arrows, fire, staffs,and poison. He attacks similarly to Makk and he has a special move that is defensive in nature that he will use when Mikk is hurt.


Heathcote is a boss whom you will come across during Therion’s story. He will be accompanied by two guards whom you should dispose of first. Heathcote is weak against arrows, short blades, and fire while his guards are weak against axes and swords.

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