10 PlayStation Games That Could Do With Move Support [VIDEO]

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Since the Playstation move arrived last November it has intrigued hardcore and casual gamers alike with its unique blend of controller and motion detecting camera. Though more games are coming out everyday that successfully utilize the new hardware, there are still plenty of awesome franchises that need to get involved in the motion controller revolution. Whether it is a series from the past, present or future; here are ten games that would be bolstered by Playstation Move support.

10. Shadow of the Colossus

I’m sure this seems like an odd case to argue, but bare with me on this one. One of the things I enjoyed most about Team Ico’s original 2005 epic was its control scheme. The buttons were all mapped to such an action as to feel natural and connect you with the character. Holding R1 to hold on to the Colossi just felt like what you would be doing were you in Wander’s shoes. Whilst controlling a game like SotC with a motion controller seems ridiculous at first, it would also improve this control bond between payer and avatar that made the original game so spectacular. Considering Team Ico’s excellent track record within the industry I’m sure they could make the Move work for Colossus. It won’t happen, but I can always dream.

9. Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank has always been one of those classic Sony platformers that just keeps giving and giving. With so many R and C titles already available on PS3, adding Move support to the upcoming All 4 One would be a real boon for the series. Considering All 4 One will focus on co-op modes and online multiplayer, the accessibility added by utilizing motion controls would definitely help the game reach a wider audience.

8. Little Big Planet 2

The recent release of Little Big Planet 2 has seen Media Molecule’s game platform take up PS Move support; to an extent. Though the game’s creation modes allow players to use motion controls to simplify the drag and drop process, creators are not yet able to program Move support into their own creations. Media Molecule are apparently hard at work on a patch that will soon add this feature and, considering the amount of creativity we normally see from the LBP community, motion controls can’t be added soon enough.

7. God of War


Heavy Rain was a game all about quick time events, that was patched to support the Move controller successfully after its release. Whether it be a patch for GoW3 or an upcoming PS3 title, the QTE based action that dots Kratos’ collected adventures would be well realised through motion controls. I’m sure series fans would consider my claims to be sacrilege considering how well refined God of War’s control scheme is, but a few alterations to accommodate the Move controller could really shake things up and add a fresh new element to the series.

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