Pokemon 2019 – 15 Things We Want To See

Here’s hoping Pokemon’s proper console debut will an ambitious one.

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Pokemon Let’s Go was a jolt of charm and nostalgia, and turned out to be much better than most of us had expected it would prior to it’s launch. For all its strengths though, it was merely a stopgap, something to keep us busy with while Game Freak worked on the next real mainline sequel. Let’s Go might technically have been the series’ first mainline console appearance, but Pokemon 2019 for the Nintendo Switch is the game we’re all really waiting for, the game that should be the next step forward for this long running series.

As of right now, though, we know absolutely nothing about it, other than the fact that it exists and is coming this year. As such, in this feature, we’re going to take a look at fifteen things we want to see in Pokemon 2019– note that this is a wishlist, not a list of predictions. And while we’re going to try and only talk about things that are at least somewhat possible, the things we do mention are by no means predictions about what will or won’t be included in the upcoming Pokemon title. 

With that out of the way, let’s begin.


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Pokemon as a series has settled into a very comfortable structure that it has adhered to for a long, long time. Even with Sun and Moon, which replaced Gym battles with Island Challenges,  the games were essentially the same as Pokemon has always been. As a series, it has forgotten how to take risks, and how to be ambitious, and seems all too happy to just do what has always worked. And sure, it does it well enough (and reaps the rewards with bonkers sales), but hopefully, we’ll see a more ambitious Pokemon game this time around. We’re not asking for a Breath of the Wild equivalent or anything like that, but even something that steps just a little bit out of the series’ comfort zone would be greatly appreciated.

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