Prey Mooncrash DLC Complete Guide – How To Escape With All Characters, PSI Blade Location, How To Get The Psychoscope, And More

A complete guide for Prey Mooncrash DLC.

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The new DLC content for Prey is titled Mooncrash and it presents players with a roguelike campaign. This campaign is basically infinitely replayable and it will be somewhat unique each time. There are also multiple characters you can unlock, and each of them have their own paths to take through the campaign. All of this can get a little complicated, so this guide is here to help you out.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


The Volunteer is the first character you have unlocked to play through the campaign. Once you unlock other characters, you will be able to continue a simulation through them even after a character’s death. However, each character gets only one life, so keep that in mind! One of the most important things to try and achieve with the Volunteer is to try and find fabrication blueprints as these will help you bring more items into future simulations at the cost of some resources.

As soon as you start with the Volunteer, make sure you get the Silenced Pistol fabrication blueprints from the dead body nearby. In the next room, you will see a Typhon Gate. Interact with it to see all of the Typhon organisms in the area. Defeat these in order to proceed through the gate. Once you get to the Crater, you will be able to find quite a few useful items and weapons such as the Charge Pistol, Typhon Lure, EMP Charge, and more. Once you have this, access the security workstation.

Try and find a Neuromod before going underground so that you can get the PSI Blast ability which will come in use. Once you get underground, use the ability to destroy Cytoid nests. You will find some useful items on the security desk and on the Security Workstation. Check escape pod status now and you will find that there is a pod available in the crater.

Once you get back to the Crater, you will come across a Typhon gate. You can either sneak by using EMP or you can choose to defeat the enemies. Either way, once you’re past the gate, you will be able to access the Escape Pod and complete the mission.


You will have to escape with all 5 characters in a single run if you want to gain the ‘No One Left Behind’ trophy. There are five escape methods available and once one of them is used, it will no longer be available to use for other characters. This means that each character has to use a different escape method.

There are some items you will have to bring for almost every run in order to succeed. This includes the following.

  • 1 Silenced Pistol and 90 Pistol Ammo
  • 3 PSI Stims
  • 3 Medical Kits
  • 4 EMP Charges
  • Artyx Propulsion System
  • 3 Typhon Lures

Before we get started, it will also be useful to keep in mind to try and kill the Moon Shark and also to power up the Trams and power up facilities you need which will make your run easier.

The Custodian’s Escape

For the Custodian, you will have to escape using the Mass Driver escape method. You will have to find the following items for this run:

  • 5 Food items
  • 1 Anti-Rad
  • 5 Non-alcoholic drinks

You can also purchase the necessary fabrication plans if you can afford them so that you don’t have to find these aforementioned items.

First of all, get to the Power Control Room and make sure that both Moonworks and Pytheas Labs are powered. Next, get to Pytheas Labs and once there, make your way to the Isolation Chamber area. Here you will first have to hack the workstation for the Typhon Portal escape and then go up to the Executive level.

In the Conference Room, you will be able to find the necessary food items and drinks. As for Anti-Rads, you can find them in the Trauma center near the Tram Station in Crew Annex. Once you have all the required items, place them in the cargo container in the Moonworks and then activate the launch sequence to escape. Once you’ve started the launch sequence, you have 60 seconds to get to the cargo container.

The Engineer’s Escape

With the Engineer, you will have to escape using the Typhon Portal. To unlock this escape method, you will have to find a recording on a corpse in the Isolation Chamber! Since the workstation would have already been hacked by the Custodian earlier, you won’t need to worry about that now!

With the Engineer, you will have to repair the broken panel on the side of the Isolation Chamber. The Engineer will have enough parts to finish the repair. During the Engineer’s run, you should also try and repair any broken doors you come across to make things easier for the next runs. Anyway, once you repair the broken panel, you will be able to escape using the Typhon Portal.

The Director’s Escape

This escape method is Consciousness Emulation and it is only usable by the Director. Make your way to Riley Yu’s office and access the workstation. Since the Director knows the password, switch to channel 0 and you will receive a message.

When you first try to upload the data, you will receive an error, but you’ll also receive the location of the volunteer’s corpse. You should have the Phantom Genesis 2 unlocked and you should now use it on the Volunteer’s corpse. Don’t kill the corpse! Instead, use your lure and then scan it with the Psychoscope. Once you’ve done this, you can get back to to the Data Vault! Once here, get the Operator on the shaft, and then proceed to escape by emulation the character’s consciousness.

The Security Officer’s Escape

Get o the Crater and then go to the Power Control room. Once there, power up the Crew Annex if it isn’t already. After you’ve done this, go up to the Shuttle Station. Since you are not here for your first time, you would have already found the Pilot 1 ability from Angela Wagner’s corpse earlier on! Just use EMPs to get past typhon gates and then get on the shuttle to esscape!

The Volunteer’s Escape

The Volunteer will be escaping using the Escape Pod. It is recommended that you buy the Navigation Chip fabrication plan beforehand for this run. Also, bring lots of medkits and EMPs.

Now you need to travel underground to the Power Control area and then use the workstation to locate the Escape Pod. In case you don’t have a Navigation Chip, you can find one in a broken Escape Pod, so look around to find it. Once you have this, just make your way to the Escape Pod, and escape!


The Custodian is otherwise known as Claire Whitten and she’s quite a useful and powerful character. You will probably unlock her last and to do so, you will have to finish the Security Officer’s story objective.

As the security officer, find the Memory Marker in Crew Annex and then use it relive past memories. Next, you will have to locate Claire Whitten using a workstation. She’s in the Moonworks area and you will have to get there through the Crater since the Tram won’t be functional.

Just as you’re about to enter the area where she is hiding out, you will be attacked by some enemies. Once you defeat them, use the file on the computer. However, you will be infected with a nerve agent at this point because of a trap placed by Claire Whitten.

You can find a cure for this and you can also choose to blow up her escape pod by using a workstation in the Control Tower. Regardless of whatever you do, Claire Whitten will now be unlocked as a playable character in the game.


To get the psychoscope, you first have to go to the Pytheas Labs area and then use the lift to get to the Executive level. From here, go upstairs through the locked door and make your way to Riley Yu’s office. In the place where you find Riley Yu’s body, you will be able to pick up the Psychoscope Fabrication blueprints from the floor. The Psychoscope itself can be found on Riley Yu’s corpse. Getting the Psychoscope will also unlock Riley Yu as a playable character in the game.


You will be able to find the Psi Blade once you have full access to the Moon base. Just go to Pytheas Labs and go to Floor 1 and then to the Typhon Sciences section. From here, go on to the Psychometrics Office and you will find a container with a melee weapon. Use the Workstation to unlock the container and you will be able to gain an Elite version of the Psi Blade.

The Psi Blade is a very powerful weapon and apart from normal attacks, it can also launch PSI projectiles which travel through barriers.  It can also send out a powerful blast when charged. Keep in mind that only one character can keep this weapon, so choose carefully! However, a non-elite version of this weapon is automatically a part of the Custodian’s loadout.

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