PSN May Be Getting ID Change Capabilities At Last, According To SDK Changes- Rumor

At long last?

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The one thing that PSN does not have, that Xbox Live, Steam, and even Nintendo all allow (at least to some degree), is the ability to change your online username- which is a problem if you made your ID 10 years ago, when PSN first launched, and you were an edge teenager who thought xXLinkinPark69Xx would be a cool PSN ID, man.

However, NeoGAF member kirbasin was recently reading the notes for Unreal Engine 4.14, when he noticed something that caught his attention- the notes seem to imply that the PS4 will be getting PSN ID change capabilities very soon.

You can read the relevant portion at the link above, but I’ll put a simplification here- it sounds like Sony are about to institute a change on the backend, which separates the online ID displayed from the unique identifier for each ID in the PSN database and system. So far, PSN has been unable to allow ID changes because the username displayed to the end user, and the unique identifier for each user in the database have both been the same- an incredibly rookie mistake that was avoided by Microsoft, Steam, and Nintendo. It sounds like Sony are preparing to change that, which would allow for PSN ID changes.

In which case… woot. Not a minute too soon, Sony. Glad you are finally introducing this feature. Now just… please don’t charge for it? Though that’s probably expecting a bit too much, really.

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