PUBG PS4 Guide: The Best Tips And Tricks To Master The Game

Some tips and tricks to get started with PUBG.

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It’s a year too late, but the PS4 version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is here at last. At this point, what a battle royale game is well known, and you already get the basics somewhat. Or maybe you don’t, and this is your first battle royale game yet. Maybe you have played Fortnite, but don’t yet understand how PUBG differs. The good news is, we’re here to cover you—this guide has a whole lot of tips and tricks to do well at the game. Let’s get started.

  • As always, once you land, make sure to try and find weapons right away. Unlike Fortnite, which at least starts you out with an axe, PUBG has you completely defenceless at first. Finding a weapon is crucial.
  • Do not be caught outside the circle, ever. PUBG’s penalties for being caught outside the circle are far harsher than Fortnite’s, so you want to stay within the playable area at all times.
  • Take off your shoes: you still run at the same speed without them, but you’re quieter.
  • Holster your weapon when not using it. You move 6% versus when running with it in hand.
  • If you ever get caught in a Red Zone by surprise, don’t give up! Look for a building to take shelter in right away. Try to stand under doorframes or in corners, because you are least likely to be caught in the line of napalm that way.
  • On this note, always have your eye on the entrance when hiding inside a house in a red zone! Other players are likely to try to seek shelter there, so you should be ready to take them out if you have to.
  • When entering a building, always close the door behind you. Leaving a door open is like advertising you’re in there, and inviting someone to follow you.
  • PUBG has weapons, but it is highly advised that you not use them. While they can be fast and fun, they’re very loud, and in a game that is all about staying as quiet as possible, that can be fatal.
  • Don’t get too attached to weapons and gear—constantly discard something that’s useless or less effective than something else, because your inventory space is limited.
  • In general, try to stay away from chokepoints: these include places like bridges, or entries into compounds. This is because they will always be guarded, and trying to go through one means you’re asking to get shot.
  • You can swim! Maybe try doing that, but be careful, because swimming makes a lot of noise…
  • PUBG weapons have severe recoil, so either always use a scope, or use single and burst modes.
  • Once you down an enemy, don’t worry about them. If there are any other enemies nearby, focus on them. Downed enemies have not be rescued, so as long as you are working on thinning the herd of attackers, they’re no longer a threat to you.
  • Always try and have a helmet on—PUBG is a game where snipers will try to take you out at a distance (it’s literally a game that encourages camping), and helmets can protect you. Try and have a Lvl 3 helmet if possible.

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