Quantic Dream’s Next PS3 Game: 10 Things We Want To See

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More Controls Options

I have always believed that if there is any game development team who have done justice to the ‘Interactive Cinema’ genre, it is Quantic Dream. But it also comes at the cost of restricted control. As a player, I feel really restricted when the only things I can possibly do are pressing a button when prompted and shaking the Sixaxis controller. Later on, Heavy Rain also got Move Support but for some reason I did not find it to be a game changer. Quantic Dream needs to do something better and make the player feel less restricted in their next game.

Lasting Appeal

I feel odd that so many games end at the six to eight hour mark.  I know this may not really matter if the game is as good as Heavy Rain, but come on! You would want good games to last more, right? So here’s hoping that the next game will be lengthy and have more lasting appeal.

Stonger Lead Characters

*** spoiler start*** Don’t get me wrong – the protagonist, Ethan Mars is a very strong character but the people around him like Madison Paige and Scott Shelby were very weak.  There was less character development on these two but whatever was there, it just never really lived up to its potential. Scott Shelby was too weak as a character to play the role of the Origami Killer. *** spoiler end*** With the new game, they can probably try out with a single protagonist and have a better character development.

More Dramatic Set Pieces

One of the strongest points of Heavy Rain is that it sucks you in. As the story develops you get the feeling of involvement with the characters.  *** spoiler start*** The scene where you have to take a call and decide whether you want to learn about the next clue to your son’s whereabouts and cut your own finger is shocking. I was literally roaming around my room, debating myself whether I can do this. *** spoiler end*** We want more of these heart pounding set pieces in Quantic Dream’s next PS3 game.

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