Red Dead Online Leaks Include Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Story Missions, and More

A dataminer has discovered files for a number of modes in Red Dead Online.

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Ahead of Red Dead Online’s imminent launch, dataminer Illogical Mods on Twitter has done some digging into the game’s files and found evidence for a large number of modes that Red Dead Redemption 2’s online component will offer. Among the modes that are part of this leak, the most notable is “Make It Count”, which is, essentially, a battle royale mode, which is something that Rockstar did talk about prior to the game’s launch.

Make It Count will put 32 players with limited weapons and resources into the map, who will then have to fight it out against each other to be the last man standing while a shrinking circle closes in on them and reduces the area of play. At the beginning of each match, every player will start with nothing but a bow and a handful of arrows in one variation of the mode, while another variation will see players starting with nothing but a few throwing knives. Maps for the game include sections from the game’s single player map, namely Stillwater Creek (throwing knives), Strawberry (throwing knives), Tall Trees (bow and arrow), and Saint Denis Plantations (bow and arrow).

Another mode, called “Hostile Territory”, seems to function like a capture the flag-style mode, where teams will be going up against each other to take control of particular areas of the map. Capturing a territory starts awarding you points, and the team with the most points at the end of the match wins- alternatively, a team can just capture every territory in the map to win the match then and there. Maps for this mode are mentioned as Tumbleweed, Rhodes, Heartland Oil Field Trips, Bolger Glade, and Blackwater. Hostile Territory matches in the Heartland Oil Field Trips can be for 16 players (four teams of four players each), or for 32 players (four teams of eight). Tumbleweed and Bolger Glade will house two teams of players, Blackwater will have room for four teams, while Rhodes will have eight teams total.

Then there’s “Most Wanted”, which sounds really cool. On paper, it’s just a free for all, with all players vying to kill all other players and looking to have the highest number of points by the time the match ends- but there’s a twist. The closer you are to the top of the table, the more points you’ll be worth, which incentivizes other players to target you more than the ones who’re below you. Most Wanted matches will take place in Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine, Tall Trees, and Thieves Landing. The leak mentions the player count for Valentine, Tumbleweed, and Thieves Landing as being 16, though no similar figure is provided for the other maps.

“Name Your Weapon” is a free for all, and can be played either solo, or with teams. There is a cool twist here too though, which dictates that you’ll get more points for kills if you use “trickier” weapons. Maps include Tall Trees, Heartland Oil Fields, Annesburg, Lanik Electrical, and Fort Mercer. There is also a regular, good old team deathmatch, called “Team Shootout”.

Modes surrounding horse races are also in the leak. There’s “Race”, a regular “point to point” race, where all players will start out without weapons, but can pick them up along the course and then use them during the race. Courses include Fort Wallace, Saint Denis Street Loop, Saint Denis Plantations, Pike’s Basin, and Bard’s Crossing. “Open Race” tasks players with being the first to ride through all signal flares in the course, which can be crossed in any order. Maps include Valentine, Tumbleweed, Saint Denis, Rhodes, and Blackwater.

That’s not all though. The leak also mentions several single player, story-focused missions that are going to be included, which will involve you meeting with characters in the world that will give you certain tasks and objectives, similar to how missions function in the single player campaign.

You can see the full details in the leak below. For now, take this all with a grain of salt, as there’s really no way of knowing just how credible these leaks are. That said, we won’t have to wait long to find out for ourselves, as Red Dead Online has already been made available for some players, and will be accessible to everyone by the end of the week, so stay tuned to GamingBolt for more updates.

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