Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors Receives New Info- New Zombie Types, Training Mode, and More

On top of a new twist on finding items and support for Trophies and Achievements.

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resident evil 2 the ghost survivors

Resident Evil 2’s first DLC, The Ghost Survivors is launching today, and is available for free for everyone to download. Celebrating its release, Capcom have shared some interesting new details about the new content, what it entails, how it will be structured, and more. Writing in an update on the PlayStation Blog, Capcom gave out some interesting tidbits on the three “what if” scenarios that make up the DLC.

Each of the three episodes, as we know, focuses on characters in non-canon scenarios as they try to find a way out of the infested Raccoon City. Kendo Gun Shop owner Robert Kendo takes centerstage in “No Time To Mourn”, making his way through the streets of Raccoon City. The mayor’s daughter, Katherine Warren, faces challenges of her own in “Runaway”, while a new character named Ghost, an Umbrella operative, braves the underground Umbrella lab in “Forgotten Soldier”.

Interestingly enough, each of the three episodes features new enemy types. “No Time To Mourn” brings a new poisonous zombie, “Runaway” introduces a “strangely mutated type of zombie that can only be stopped with particularly powerful ammunition”, while “Forgotten Soldier” sees you coming up against zombies that are wearing armour and are thus harder to kill.

While the structure of The Ghost Survivors is similar to Resident Evil 2’s Fourth Survivor and Tofu Survivor modes, with each of these characters going through a gauntlet of enemies and challenges to make it out of Raccoon City alive, the new episodes offer some variations. For instance, players will be able to pick up items and won’t be restricted to using just the items they start out with. In an interesting twist, you won’t be picking up items in the environment themselves, but will instead have to kill specific zombies carrying them, or look for them in vending machines. Also interesting- once you pick up one item, you’ll be locked out of picking up any of the other ones for the rest of your run, so plan accordingly.

Players will also be able to play through a Training mode. With easier difficulty and additional items and item slots, Training mode will allow players to go through the episodes in a relatively more relaxed environment so they can learn the route, enemy positions, and any other challenges they might face, so that that knowledge can then be put to practice in the standard difficulty.

The Ghost Survivors will also add new in-game challenges, which, upon being unlocked, will reward you with cosmetic accessories for your characters, including a tiger mask and “a cuddly raccoon that sits on your character’s head”. There will also be new Trophies and Achievements to unlock.

Resident Evil 2 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re playing on the latter and want even more new (or new-ish, at the very least) content to try out, this recent fan-made mod that turns the game into a first person experience might interest you.

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