Resident Evil 8 Detailed In Alleged Leak – First Person, New Enemies, Protagonist, and More

Resident Evil 7’s Ethan Winters will reportedly return as a playable character.

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Resident Evil seems to have found its groove once again, and though Resident Evil 3 is going to continue the series’ line of remakes when it launches in April, there are many who’re still eagerly awaiting the next mainline sequel. Interestingly enough, a recent leak may have dropped some new details on Resident Evil 8.

Biohazard Cast recently published a report in which they claimed to have been contacted with plenty of new details on Resident Evil 8. It goes without saying, but given the nature of this leak, take all the information within with a massive grain of salt. That said, it still makes for a pretty interesting read.

To start off, the game won’t be called Resident Evil 8, but will be branded with a “clever” title. More importantly, the game will stick with the first person perspective that was introduced in Resident Evil 7. Something else that will be retained from that game is Ethan Winters, who will allegedly return as a playable character- whether or not he will be the primary protagonist hasn’t been mentioned.

Something that the leak also mentions that series veterans will be excited by is that Chris Redfield will return in some capacity. He last appeared briefly in Resident Evil 7, and in its Not a Hero expansion. Meanwhile, the Molded from the previous game will not be back, and Resident Evil 8 will instead supposedly bring back zombies as the primary foes.

There will be new enemies to contend with as well, as per the leak. A wolf-like enemy will be added in, and these will attack the players in certain areas. Meanwhile, a new pursuer enemy – similar to Jack Baker, Mr. X, or Nemesis – will also be in the game, this time a female “shadowy” villain that will chase players in most areas, and will dissipate if shot at.

The leak also mentions that the game will be set in a snowy, rural, and mountainous setting- “possibly” Europe. The game will begin in a village, following which players will gradually make their way into a “castle-like” environment.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s best to take all of this with a grain of salt for now, even though it doesn’t sound like it’s outside the realm of possibility. Meanwhile, known industry insider Nibel with a proven track record is also claiming on Twitter (see his tweet below) that the leak is accurate, and matches up with details he heard of the game coming from a play test Capcom held for it last year. In December, we reported that Capcom had sent out play test invites to Resident Evil Ambassadors for an unannounced game, so it’s possible that this was what that was.

In (somewhat) related news, a leaker recently claimed that Capcom will be unveiling a major new game in the imminent future- though it probably won’t be Resident Evil 8, what with that same leaker having said earlier that that game is years away still.

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