Resident Evil Village – 9 Most Convincing Fan Theories

There’s a lot of wild theories flying around- but these 9 seem fairly plausible.

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Resident Evil has always put a great deal of emphasis on story and storytelling, and though it’s certainly stumbled at times in the narrative department, by and large, it’s definitely been a series worth following. The upcoming Resident Evil Village in particular has got a lot of fans excited, which makes sense, considering it’s the next mainline entry in the series. Not only is it promising to move the plot forward in significant ways, it also looks like it’s going to tie in with the stories of several previous games in the franchise, which is an exciting prospect, especially for Resident Evil fans.

Of course, there’s plenty of theories floating around about what may or may not happen in Village, and as is often the case with theories, a lot of them don’t make a lick of sense. But then again, there are a few that do make some sense, and might actually end up being at least a little accurate. Here, we’re going to talk about a few such theories.


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That Umbrella Corporation is going to be a factor in Resident Evil Village’s plot to at least some extent is not a theory- it’s pretty much a fact. We’ve seen the Umbrella logo quite prominently a couple of times in the game’s trailers at this point- but exactly how heavily they’re going to be involved remains to be seen. While it’s possible that the game goes into the history of Umbrella without actually making the shady company an active part of the ongoing plot (sort of like RE5), we think there’s actually a pretty good chance that RE Village sees Umbrella rising from the ashes once again. The mechanics of that are a little hard to figure out, what with Blue Umbrella having been introduced in Resident Evil 7, and them seemingly being the good guys- but it’s quite possible that that’s just a front for the real Umbrella.

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