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Game Overview:

Retro City Rampage is a parody of the open-world action genre.

It takes modern game mechanics and mashes them into an 8-bit experience.

Publisher: Vblank Entertainment
Developer: Vblank Entertainment
Platforms: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Release Date: PC, PS3, PS Vita: October 9, 2012; Xbox 360: January 3, 2013; Wii: February 28, 2013; Nintendo 3DS: February 6, 2014; Mac: November 11, 2014; PS4: November 11, 2014; Linux: July 29, 2015; PSP: July 19, 2016; iOS: March 10, 2016; Android: December 13, 2016; Nintendo Switch: August 3, 2017
Genre: Action Adventure

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