Rogue Legacy Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary With New Update

The rogue-lite Metroidvania title receives two new traits, a new Achievement and much more.

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rogue legacy

Cellar Door Game’ most recent effort Full Metal Furies might not have hit all the right notes, but there’s no denying that the developer’s first game, Rogue Legacy, still holds up today. Combining rogue-like elements with platforming and Metroidvania mechanics, Rogue Legacy was fairly well received at the time. To celebrate its five year anniversary, Cellar Door has rolled out a brand new update, four years after the previous one was rolled out.

Along with cloud saves being supported, the new update brings boss remixes to New Game Plus and above only. To better handle them, it’s possible to power up past heroes, though there will be a high price. Two new traits have also been added – Prosopagnosia (unable to see any information about past heirs) and Clonus (the controller will vibrate every few seconds).

Players who finish the game in 15 lives or less will also earn a new achievement- Thanatophobia. If you’ve already earned all Achievements till date, there will be a limited time where Thanatophobia can be unlocked. Check out the patch notes below for more information.

Content Update

  • Mac and Linux versions have been updated to the newest patch.
  • Cloud saving has been enabled. Now you can play on a plane!
  • Boss remixes now only spawn in NG+ and up.
  • Donation boxes have been added to the game.
  • Having trouble with the Remixes? Power up your heroes from the past and give yourself that extra edge! Be warned, the price is high.
  • Prosopagnosia trait has been added to the game. You are bad with faces.
  • Clonus trait added. You’ve got the shakes.
  • Thanatophobia, a new achievement has been added!
  • Complete the game in 15 lives or less to earn this super difficult achievement.
  • Achievement Hunters Grace Period has been added: It wouldn’t be fair to take away 100% Achievements from those who’ve already earned it. For a limited time, if you have all achievements except Thanatophobia, at the title screen, hold [L. ALT] + [CAPSLOCK] then press [T] to unlock it.
  • Mouse rebinding has been added. 2207 comments later and we finally got the message. I hope you degenerates are grateful!
  • Stat drops now scale with NG+ level.
  • A new mystery portrait has been added to the game… Spook city.
  • Profile card layout has been updated. Pssshh.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the forced aspect ratio from the game.
  • Improved graphics stability for Intel Integrated video cards
  • Numerous bug fixes to calculating total time played.
  • Fixed longstanding bug with dashing forever
  • Fixed longstanding bug for being invincible forever.
  • Fixed crash bug when being awarded too much money in the elf mini-game

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