Saints Row 4: Re-Elected Mega Guide – Cheats, Secret Weapon, Collectibles And More

A complete guide for Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.

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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is a remastered version of 2013’s popular open world game, Saints Row IV. The game consists of mostly the same content that we all played back in 2013. So we highly recommend that you check out previous mega guide on the same. Having said that, we have made sure that we have included new content here that you won’t find in the previous guide. This means more cheat codes and locations of the secret Loud Locust weapon and Secret Salem Broomstick.

We have also include guides for collectibles such Virus Injectors and the several different types of Gold Medals. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is now available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For further reading, check out our full guide for Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell over here. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions.

More cheat codes:

Spawn alien hover tank givehovertank
Spawn XOR (alien hoverbike) givetrouble
Disable Glitch FX noglitchcity
Unlock Death From Above superdfa
Disable Warden Spawns nowardens

Loud Locust Weapon Location:

Go insider the  Let’s Pretend store in New Baranec and then you need to shoot the Employees Only door. Go down the stairs and you will see images of the developers, shoot them. Then you need to go into a bathroom and there you will find Loud Locust on the right hand side of the door.

Secret Salem Broomstick Vehicle Location:

Yoi need to reach right at the top of Zin Tower in Rosen Oaks. You can fly around on that thing and it’s quite fun.

Virus Injection Locations:

There are 24 Virus Injections. You can find all of them using the video below.

Gold medals and their locations:

There are different gold medals such Fight Club, Blazin, Insurance and Mind Over Murder.

Fight Club:


Insurance Fraud:

All Mind Over Murder:

This guide will be updated once we have more information on the game.

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