Samurai Shodown Guide: How to Disarm Opponents and Stance Break

Disarming foes is a game-changer – here are four different ways to do it.

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As noted in our previous guide, fighting unarmed in Samurai Shodown is rough. All of the slash buttons become punches and kicks – which don’t do nearly enough damage – and many special moves are effectively done. While it’s possible to turn the tables on your opponent, you’re really best off knowing how to disarm them first. So how do you do it?

There are four different techniques for disarming an opponent – Weapon Flipping, Sword Clash, Counter and Blade Catch. Let’s take a look at each below.


Perhaps one of the tougher disarming methods available, Counters can be used at any time. Press Quarter Circle Forward + Light and Medium Slash when an opponent’s swing is about to connect. Marvel as their weapon goes flying. Just don’t attempt a counter when an opponent is attacking from the air.

Weapon Flipping

Weapon Flipping can be done several times in a match but only when you have Max Rage or Rage Explosion. Upon using it, these will be consumed. To execute a Weapon Flip, press Quarter Circle Forward + Medium and Heavy Slash.

Button Shortcuts

You’ll probably notice that three of the four disarming techniques require two buttons to be pressed at once. There’s an easy way around this though, at least on PS4 and Xbox One. Each shoulder button can be assigned shortcuts, so say if you want Light Slash + Medium Slash on R1 for PS4 or RB for Xbox One, you can do that. Then, when executing a Counter or Blade Catch, you just have to press Quarter Circle Forward + R1/RB to execute the moves.

Stance Break

Another interesting thing that can be done with the Light Slash + Medium Slash button combination is Stance Break. When pressing backwards right as the enemy attacks, you’ll block and attack Just Defense. After the effect is triggered, use the Stance Break to knock an enemy back.

Sword Clash

When two players attack at the same time, their swords will effectively clash. From there, you need to mash a button to gain the upper hand. Sword Clash can only happen once per round and there must be 16 seconds left (at least). Both you and your opponent also need to have at least 160 health left.

Blade Catch

The final technique, Blade Catch, can only be used when disarmed. Once again, as an opponent’s swing is about connect, press Quarter Circle Forward + Light and Medium Slash to disarm them and knock them back. Blade Catch also doesn’t work on aerial attacks so keep that in mind.

Samurai Shodown is available now for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out our official review for the game here.

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