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Frontier Developments’ ScreamRide is now available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and we have a complete guide that will make earning points and bonus goals faster. We also explain the different job classes that players can select in the game along with overview of the Career and Sandbox modes found in the game. We also take a look at some of the best user developed rollercoasters and levels, along with videos that showcases how you can unlock some of the achievements in the game.

Job Classes:

There are three Job Classes in ScreamRide and they represent different play styles. They are ScreamRider, Demolition Expert and Engineer.  Thee Engineer will be able to develop rollercoaster rides with whatever items that are available. The game gives you tons of track pieces that you can use to build your dream ride in Career or Sandbox mode. Overall, the Engineer class has the most amount of creative freedom in the game.

The Scremrider, as the name suggests will allow you to be the passenger in the rollercoaster. As you might have already guessed by now, the Screamrider will need to make sure that the rollercoaster reaches the end of the stage with maximum possible high score. The Screamrider will be able to perform stunts such as long jumps, nitro boosts and general balancing of the coaster so that it does not get derailed.

When you select The Demolition Expert job class, you will be able to launch Cabins via catapult to destroy surrounding buildings. The main goal here is to destroy as many buildings as you can and get the maximum amount of score. You will also be able to launch a coaster off a ramp and right into the buildings. Again, the main aim here is to get the highest amount of score.

Scoring points and bonus goals:

Sometimes it’s best to hit targets that are easier and obvious. So try and achieve the following challenges for bonuses: destroying portals, riding through launchpads and hitting bullseyes. You can also try to hit speedboats but they are generally the toughest to aim for.

You can also earn points by popping up the rollercoaster’s wheels as frequently as possible. In the end, ScreamRide is all about taking risks and chances with the coaster so try and lean on the sideways a bit further than usual. This way you will earn points faster. Intelligent use of speed boosters will also earn your points so use it across tight corners.

Career Mode Guide:

The Career mode is divided into six different sections which are The Populous Labs, Falls Research Station, Beldurraren Laku, The Caldera Complex, De Frusna and The Fortress. All these six sections will have you alternating between the three classes that were mentioned above. You can find more about the career mode over here.

Sandbox Mode Guide:

Sandbox mode gives the player the ability to develop customized levels, rollercoasters, level environments, bonus objectives and more. Players can also share their levels with other players online. However, please note that there is a maximum limit on the number of pieces and objects you can use in the custom level. In short, the usage case is not infinite and you have to use your own creativity to make your levels appealing.

Some of the best user developed levels and coasters:

Achievements Guide:

Series 1 Complete

Complete Series 1. This can be achieved during your playthrough of the game.

Series 2 Complete

Complete Series 2. This can be achieved during your playthrough of the game.

Series 3 Complete

Complete Series 3. This can be achieved during your playthrough of the game.

Series 4 Complete

Complete Series 4. This can be achieved during your playthrough of the game.

Series 5 Complete

Complete Series 5. This can be achieved during your playthrough of the game.

Series 6 Complete

Complete Series 6. This can be achieved during your playthrough of the game.


Complete all ScreamRider levels


Complete all Engineer levels

Demolition Wo/Man

Complete all Demolitions Expert levels

All Day, ‘Ery Day

100% all Campaign levels

Demolitions Graduate

Complete the First Demolitions Expert level

Engineer Graduate

Complete the First Engineer level

ScreamRider Graduate

Complete the First ScreamRider level


Generate a total Scream Rating of over 250,000,000 in the campaign

Bulk, Smash!

Demo Expert: Gain a Scream Rating total of 100,000,000


Sandbox: Place down 50,000 pieces of scenery

Get Outta Here!

Engineer: Eject 500 riders

Don’t, Look, Down

Engineer: Build a coaster with a drop height of 190m.

Nothing but Net

Demo Expert: Launch a coaster car more than 300m

Dayum Dayum Dayum

Demo Expert: Cause over 2,500,000 damage in a campaign level


Demo Expert: Cause 20+ explosions in a campaign level.


Demo Expert: Send a car or cabin through a goal post.

3, 2, 1

Demo Expert: Launch 500 cabins

Share and Share Alike

Share a level that you’ve built

Rated G, for Good

Rate someone else’s level


Download someone else’s level

Sharing the Plan

Share a blueprint


Have a level downloaded 30 times

I Hope You Have Insurance

ScreamRider: Crash a coaster

Manual Labor

ScreamRider: Spend 20 consecutive seconds on two wheels.


ScreamRider: Get 1,000 Perfects


ScreamRider: Spend a total of 30 minutes on two wheels

Ready, Eddy, Go!

ScreamRider: Get a Perfect start

Safe Landing

ScreamRider: Get 25 Perfect landings

Laying Track

Engineer: Place down 10km of track

Crushed It

Demo Expert: Launch a cabin over 500m

All Screamer

100% all ScreamRider levels


100% all Engineer levels

What a Smashing Time

100% all Demolitions Expert levels

Ain’t Nuthin but a G

Engineer: Build a coaster that achieves over 30 g


Engineer: Build a coaster that exceeds 150mph.  [Refer guide for ‘Don’t, Look, Down’]

Barry, Did You Use Hydrogen Again?

Demo Expert: Destroy the blimp

Get To Da Choppa

Demo Expert: Destroy the helicopter

I’m on a Boat

Demo Expert: Destroy the speed boat

La Decima

ScreamRider: Get 10 Perfects in a Row

He’s on Fire

Demo Expert: Pass through 100 hoops


Demo Expert: Skim a cabin 5 times

This guide will be updated once we have new information about the game. For more on the game, check out the video walkthrough of ScreamRide over here.

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