Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Guide – How To Defeat Lady Butterfly

A complete guide to defeating Lady Butterfly.

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How To Defeat Lady Butterfly:

Recommended Items/Prosthetic Tools: Loaded Shuriken, Fistful of Ash, Snapseeds and a ton of Spirit Emblems

Location: This boss is found in the Hirata Estate.

Strategy: Get ready for your first big challenge in the game. Lady Butterfly is an extremely challenging boss with fast attacks that will deal a lot of damage. As with the Gyoubu Oniwa boss fight, Lady Butterfly has two phases. In the first phase, try using Fistful of Ash as it will momentarily stun her giving you a bit of opening for some slashes. You should also focus on dodging her attacks, specially the one where she lifts herself in the air and rockets into you. This attack can be easily dodged allowing you room to inflict some damage. Keep on repeating this pattern and you will eventually inflict one death blow.

In the second phase, she will try and create an illusion by summoning her minions. Use Snapseeds to dispel all nearby illusions (ensure you use it near the minions). During this phase the boss will also use her powerful homing Butterfly attack. This is a very difficult attack to escape from and the only way to remain unaffected is to make a run and dodge wildly. Furthermore, the boss will once again lift itself in the air to attack you. Ensure that you use Loaded Shuriken so that she drops down giving you the opportunity to inflict some damage. At the end of the day, this is a very difficult boss fight and it may take a number of encounters before you finally defeat the Lady Butterfly.

Rewards: Memory: Lady Butterfly, 1300 XP and Sakura Droplet.

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