Skylanders Trap Team Mega Guide: Hats, Legendary Treasures, Skytone Smash And More

A complete guide for Skylanders Trap Team.

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Check out this complete guide for Skylanders Trap Team. Here you will find a complete list for all Kaos Doom challenges, locations for collectibles like hats and legendary treasures, and Skystone Smash tips. Skylanders Trap Team is developed by Toys for Bob and being published by Activision.

Skylanders Trap Team is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii-U, Nintendo 3DS, as well as iOS and Android. Check out the complete game guide below and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Kaos Doom Challenges:

Kaos Doom is a staged based wave mode consisting of 100 different waves of enemies, in which you must defeat minions and stop from destroying your defence towers. Different Skylander characters consist of different elemental powers required for the activation of the different towers in the stage. It’s important to have a good range of characters in order to complete these stages.

Wave 1-3 (So it Begins):

The first three waves of Kaos Doom works as a tutorial for the player where they must focus on defeating enemies and defending the tower. Elemental specific Skylanders are not required for this stage. Enemies here consist of the Grinnade, Cuckoo Clocker, and the Plant Warrior.

Wave 4-10 (Enfuego Rain):

During this next section the player will need to have Skylander characters specific to the elements of the tower in order to protect and activate them from oncoming enemies. However, certain towers are multi-elemental and can will not require a specific character. Enemies here consist of  the Troll Warrior, Grinnade, Bomb Shell, and the  Cuckoo Clocker,

Wave 11-20 (Horrible Something):

This stage consist of a variety of different traps as well as perks that will work both to the enemy’s and the player’s own advantage. There’s also more entrance for enemies to enter the stage from, therefore self-defence and long range attacks will be useful in keeping your characters alive, and towers at bay. These enemies in the stage consist of the Eggsecutioner,  Bomb Shell, Troll Warrior,  Cuckoo Clocker, and the Grinnade.

 Wave 21-30 (Worst Nightmare Marsh):

 Enemies in this stage mostly traverse in large groups in order to weigh down the player. But as these enemies move slow attacking from far should be enough from the player, to defeat them before they reach the towers. The towers in this stage also play a crucial role in the player’s own chance of survival, they should be center of attention due to their importance towards the player. These enemies are made up of The Eye Five, Pain Yatta, Tussle Sprout, Pirate Henchmen, Shield Shredder, and the Oogler.

Wave 31-40 (Twice Doomed Marsh):

The enemies in this stage are divided between heavy and dangerous enemies which move through the level slowly. Coupled by fast moving weaker enemies that will target your towers directly before attacking the player. There are also more traps introduced in this stage but are easily avoidable by the player. Enemies here consist of the Pirate Henchmen, Oogler, Brawl and Chain, Pain Yatta, and the Eye Five.

Wave 41-50 (Itchy Lillies Marsh):

In this stage the player will experience increased frequency from the spawning of enemies, as well as an additional enemy type. Powerful attacks must be kept in reserve for disposing of foes as they move in groups. These enemy types are the Tussle Sprout, Elvilkin Cannon, Pirate Henchmen, Oogler, Brawl and Chain, Pain Yatta, and the Eye Five.

Wave 51-65 (Kaos Fury Docks):

These next segments of wave introduce a new set of enemies that are more powerful than the previous. These enemies are spawned from a new game mechanic whereby a pressurised meter coming from a machine, continuously rises throughout the stage and it’s up to the player to activate the switch in order to decrease it’s pressure. These machines are known as the Kaos Fury. Enemy types are divided between the Shield Skeleton, Grave Clobber, Scrap Shooter, Grinnade, Cross Crow, Cuckoo Clocker, and the Krankenstein.

Wave 66-80 (Twisted Twister Docks:

In this stage the player will be subjected to new traps which can have a significant affect on the player’s survival. There’s also another Kaos Fury that will build up in pressure more quickly than the previous. This stage will have the player running back and forth from the towers and Kaos Fury while avoiding the traps and defeating the stage’s enemies. The enemy types here will be the Shield Skeleton, Grave Clobber, Scrap Shooter, Grinnade, Cross Crow, Cuckoo Clocker, Krankenstein, and the Pain Yatta.

 Wave 81-100 (Finally Final Docks):

In this final stage players will be put through twenty waves of harsh and time consuming enemies that will throw everything from previous stages at the player. Enemies will move in large groups as well individually and the Kaos Fury will also make a return forcing the player to divide his or her attention on multiple things at once. These enemies will be the Raven warrior, Pain Yatta, Brawlrus, Brawl and Chain, Scrap Shooter, Rocket Launchers, Cross Crow, Cuckoo Clocker, Shield Skeleton, Krankenstein, Grinnade, and the Grave Clobber.

Skystone Smash:

During Chapter 5 of the main game mode players will be introduced to a new game inside Skylands that plays out as a card battle. Skystones are required to play this game and are acquired by defeating certain enemies during the beginning of each level. These enemies are pictured during the level’s loading screen. As each each Skystone has a certain amount of Attack power it is important to use them effectively.

Keeping high powered Skystones in reserve for more powerful enemies will prove to be more beneficial than wasting their power on weaker ones. It’s also more effective to take out the more powerful enemies ahead of time before moving on to weaker enemies. There are also Special ability Skystones that can be activated during the first go in which it is played. After this it will be treated as a regular card. Below are the Special ability Skystones.

Lightning -This ability requires the Dreamcatcher Skystone and it damages the player directly.

Fireball -This ability requires the Chef Pepper Jack or the Wolfgang Skystone. It damages every Skystone that’s currently being played.

Sheepify -This ability transforms on the player’s Skystones in to a sheep with low level health, and it targets which ever Skystone is placed directly from across the player.

Heart Boost – This ability restores your health as well as increasing it beyond it’s default level. It requires the Chompy Mage or the Golden Queen.

Hats Locations:

In Skylanders Trap Team there are a number of hidden hats in the game that the player can locate for collectible purposes. Below are the locations for each hat and their location in each chapter.

Chapter 1 -Soda Springs:

  • Turtle Hat: Seltzer Pit near the bouncing pads.
  • Melon Hat: Use the large pumpkins in Twisted Top to raise the platform of Chompies.
  • Bucket Hat: Reach the highest ledge of the multiple platforms located in the Sugar Free Landing.

Chapter 2 -Know-It-All Island:

  • Sleuth Hat: Locate the two linked stone platforms that are linked together in the Stuck-Up Steppes.
  • Hedgehog Hat: The chainsaw tank near the spinning arms in Windbag Woods.

Chapter 3 -Chompy Mountains:

  • Horns Be With You Hat: Collect every coin that appears near the gates above the top of the round platforms.
  • Paperboy Hat: Use Bruiser to clear the rocks when freeing the miners from the rockslide, in Overgrown Ramparts.
    Hunting Hat: Complete the puzzle in the Artillery Storage after defeating the Chompies protecting the Lock Puzzle.

Chapter 4 -The Phoenix Psanctuary:

  • Parrot Nest Hat: Locate the character Buzz and complete his mission in order to unlock this hat.
  • Daisy Crown Hat: Jump on the ledge located in the Aviary Gate.

Chapter 5 -Chef Zeppelin:

  • Scooter Hat: Use the bounce pad located on Main Counter Top and use it to reach the ledge. This will allow you to ride the balloon which follows a  trial of coins.
  • Colander Hat: Make your way through the Command Kitchen and follow the path to the left leading to a Treasure Chest. After that follow the metal path up to the Colander Hat.

Chapter 6 -Rainfish Riviera:

  • Metal Fin Hat: Reach the square the skull on it while making your way through Brackwater Falls. Face the row of cannons on the back and run towards the cannons that are set back from the others, while using the same skull square. Shortly after a square will emerge from the sand which you must then jump on to reach the hat.
  • Imperial Hat: Push the giant snails in to the water located at the Beyond the Earth Gate, in Dire Sans. This will form a bridge of shells that lead to the hat.

Chapter 7 -Monster Marsh:

  • Dragon Skull Hat: Reach the highest ledge in the Spirestone Mausoleum by pushing the blocks to the right while traversing up the ledges.

Chapter 8 -Telescope Tower:

  • Rugby Hat: Defeat the flying paintings in the Meditation Pool after talking to the scientist. A platform will appear once this is complete that will give you a path to the hat.
  • Old-Time Movie Hat: Jump on the left side gears at the Observation Loggia in order to reach the pump button. Repeat the same process for the right side and ride the floating gear at the central path.
  • Synchronized Swimming Cap: In the Spiral Balcony drop down while to the lower level while making your way through each of the rings.

Chapter 9 -Mystic Hill:

  • Garrison Hat: Plant eight bundles of dynamite within ten minutes in the Troll Fortress located at the Mabu Flagship, after receiving the demolition mission from Rizzo.
  • Mountle Hat: Take the nut in the corner of the Eastern Storage Unit and take the second bounce pad. Plant the nut and cross the bridge then use the balloon to reach the treasure chest. From here heads towards the smaller platform and use the nut before jumping down from the chimney.
    Volcano Hat: Using the wiggling platforms make your way towards the top while collecting the coins, located in the Fire Falls.

Chapter 10 -Secret Sewers of Supreme Sink:

  • Rubber Glove Hat: Retrieve the singing Gecko group from the enemy’s territory as requested by Bag O’ Bones located in the Back Flow Alley.
  • Trash Can Ltd Hat: Locate all the keys inside the Drainage Central inner headworks. The first is located on the right and requires you to fill the hole using a box, which will then allow you to reach the highest level using a bounce pad. To attain the second key use the bombs to blow the stones while heading towards the top ledge. After obtaining both keys head towards the gate.
    Shower Cap Hat: Defeat the Goo Chompy by moving the pipe block towards the channel, located in the Splash Station aqua deck.

Chapter 11 -Wilkin Workshop:

  • Clown Bowler Hat: Fight for as long as needed before clearing all three gates, once the bone themed gates have closed.
  • Lil’ Elf Hat: Head past the gates at End of the Line and locate the small gift packages that provide the player with gold.

Chapter 12 -Time Town:

  • Alarm Clock Hat: At the Broken Toe Plateau cross the bridge that leads to Buzzer Beaks and clear the rubble at the waterfall cave. After this retrieve the glowing pick and clear the outside path.

Chapter 13 -The Future of Skylands:

  • Extreme Viking Hat: At the Sub Orbital Combat Plaza head towards the sun and follow the trial of coins.
  • Tin Foil Hat: Complete the task for Q.U.I.G.L.E.Y. in the Anti-Grav Truck.

Chapter 14 -Operation: Troll Rocket Steal:

  • Nurse Hat: Complete the quest for Buzz.
  • Sunday Hat: Make your way up the platforms located in Mabu Main Base’s Crawler Canyon, and avoid the platforms moving from the opposite direction.
  • Kepi Hat: Complete the task at the Mabu Main Base Entrance.
  • Cubano Hat: Jump between the rotating platforms and avoid the two boxes at at the top of the main platform, located at the Factory Storage Area.

Chapter 15 -Skyhighlands:

  • William Tell Hat: Push the blocks down to the levels below, located on the other side of the gate in the Upper Elevator, then use these to reach the higher ledge.
  • Radar Hat: Move towards the right side of the ramp located in the Greenhouse, and press the buttons to rise the water level leading to the plank.

Chapter 16 -The Golden Desert:

  • Batter Up Hat: In the Golden Springs jump on the floating balloons and platforms in order to get to the top;

Chapter 17 -Lair of the Golden Queen:

  • Classic Pot Hat: Cross the other side of the room with the large fans located in the Halls of Treachery.
  • Beetle Hat: Help Glumshanks etch Bad Juju’s by moving sands in order to get an extra remote or the Golden Queen’s Ultimate Weapon, located in the Darkest Reach.
  • Crazy Light Bulb Hat: Cross the bridge behind the Magic Gate located at The Seat of Flowing Gold.

Chapter 18 -The Ultimate Weapon:

  • Braniac Hat: At Repair Platform H use the balloon to reach the giant gear and take the platform leading to the next balloon. From here jump between the balloons and the larger gear.

Adventure Pack: Nightmare Express:

  • Outback Hat: Jump up the two escalators and push down the two blocks to provide an entrance to the staircase on your left. Using a bomb make an entrance through the wall.
  • Coconut Hat:In the Tank Terrace Ruins help out Peebs with his problem and return to him for Lob Goblin to unlock the gate.
  • Medic Hat: Jump on the lowest platform located on the right and make your way across the other platforms, located in Cliffside Sanctuary.

Adventure Pack: Mirror of Mystery:

  • Cornucopia Hat: Leap up the ledges after defeating the Chompies located at the lazy lookout, at Chomp Dude’s Rest.
  • Gondoller Hat: Follow the slow spinning patterns as you make your way down the water platforms located in DoomHelm Pass.

Legendary Treasures Locations:

Legendary treasures are collectibles in the game that must be placed in the academy. Below are the locations for each of the treasures and where to place them in the academy.

Legendary Tribal Statue:
Chapter 2 -Windbag Woods.
Academy -Courtyard.

Legendary Chompy Statue:
Chapter 3 -Nort’s Rescue ad Chompy Hatchery.
Academy -Main Hall.

Legendary Golden Egg Statue:
Chapter 4 -Rump Feather Roost.
Academy -Main Hall.

Legendary Pepper:
Chapter 5 -Main Counter Top.
Academy -Kitchen.

Legendary Bubble Fish:
Chapter 6 -Bluster Squad Island.
Academy -Courtyard.

Legendary Golden Frog:
Chapter 7 -The Mystery Marshes.
Academy -Outer Walkway.

Legendary Cyclops Teddy Bear:
Chapter 8 -Library Lock Out.
Academy -Courtyard.

Legendary -Saw Blade:
Chapter 9 -Nature Bridges West.
Academy -Main Hall.

Legendary -Eel Plunger:
Chapter 10 -Digestion Deck.
Academy -Outer Walkway.

Legendary Masterpieces:
Chapter 11 -End of Line.
Academy -Main Hall.

Legendary Clocktower:
Chapter 12 -Tower Approach.
Academy -Persephone’s Treehouse.

Legendary Rocket:
Chapter 3 -Containment Tower.
Academy -Game Room.

Legendary Parachute:
Chapter 14 -Troll Base Entrance.
Academy -Courtyard.

Legendary Geode Key:
Chapter 15 -Middle Defences.
Academy -Kitchen.

Legendary Golden Dragon Head:
Chapter 16 -Dust Bowl.
Academy -Main Hall.

Legendary Hippo Head:
Chapter 17 -The Secret Vault.
Academy -Upper Hallway.

Legendary Windmill:
Mirror of Mystery.
Academy -Courtyard.

Legendary Flynn Statue:
Nightmare Express.
Upper Hallway.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game. You can also check out the complete video walk-through of Skylanders Trap Team here.

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