Skyrim: More Details Revealed

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Recently some magazine scans surfaced, so we decided to pull out some information for our avid readers. We have got tons of new information, where Bethesda’s Game Director Todd Howard revealed some really exciting new details about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Todd first of all talks about how this current generation of technology has helped the developers to do a laundry list of things. “We had a laundry list of things we knew we could do in the current generation. We re-wrote the whole renderer, the quest system, the dialogue. By the time we were done we had re-written all the gameplay and all the graphics systems in our engine”, he said.

Skyirm will be a huge world to explore and people are expecting it to be bigger than the one we saw in Oblivion and Morrowind.  Todd thinks that the Skyrim will have it’s own culture and feel.  “I think some people, when they go to explore the world, want to be surprised more. Skyrim has a much more unique sense of culture to it than we did in Oblivion, Morrowind, we wanted it to feel alien, like a stranger in a strange land. Whereas this we want to feel familiar, but it does have it’s own unique culture”, he said.

Dragons are going to be a huge part of the game and Todd spills some more details about the same.  “The nice thing with Dragons in this is that we can move them around, so we can have the main story hit you wherever you are. And learning the shouts and doing all that really ties in to the main quest. In Oblivion and Fallout there isn’t really a gameplay power reason to do the main quest, but with the shouts you’re like ‘Well those are fun, I’m going to become more of a badass, I’m going to do this quest line”, he said.

The magazine also gives more gameplay details, which are:

  • Every NPC would be doing something, instead of just sleeping or chattering
  • There will be a cameo from Jonathan Creek
  • Throat, one of the places in the game, will require the player to ascend 7,000 steps to reach it’s peak.
  • Skyrim’s spells attack will be better than that of Oblivion. They will look immediate and powerful, with the ability to dual wield any combination the player wants.
  • Dragonshouts which will slow time will be a new feature in the series. There will be three levels of Dragonshouts. One of them is the Unrelenting Force, which will send people flying.
  • The ability to buy houses will return
  • Dragons can attack you anywhere.
  • Riverwood is the first village you will see
  • Wilbur will be your pet that will help you in fights.

GamingBolt will be at E3 and we have an appointment fixed with the Bethesda. As you guys can make out, we will have more information on the game. Till then stay tuned with us for more news and updates around the clock.

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