Sorcery: Tons Of New Details About Enemies, Spells And Alchemy Revealed

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Sony and the Workshop have revealed tons of new details for its upcoming PlayStation Move Exclusive: Sorcery. We have brand new information on combat, enemies and spells. Check them out below.


  • Restless Dead – The restless dead are ghostly warriors who can be stirred from their eternal slumber by the  approach of a living creature. They are mindless attackers who have no memory of their previous lives or  human culture.
  • Bogeys – Cruel, verminous creatures who inhabit the darker corners of the faerie realm. They are the main  enemy type in Ordale and the Endless Stair.
  • Forest Sylphs – Female forest spirits who have been corrupted by the power of Nightmare. They are the main enemy type in the Faerie Forest, but they also appear as guards in the Slumbering Palace.
  • Starlight Spiders – Normal forest spiders who have been corrupted by the power of Nightmare. Grown to gigantic size, they attack any intruder they encounter.

Combat Spells:

  • Arcane Bolt – Shoot bolts of magical energy
  • Earth Strike – Triggers a minor earthquake that runs underground in a straight line
  • Ice Spell – A straight shot freezes enemies in place
  • Fire Spell – Use as a short-range “shotgun” to blast enemies that have come too close
  • Wind Spell – Knock enemies back with a powerful gust of wind or conjure a tornado
  • Lightning Bolt – Zap multiple enemies with a chained attack
Non combat spells:
  • Mend – Rebuild broken bridges or stairs
  • Telekinesis – Pick up and move large objects to solve puzzles
  • Polymorph – Drink a potion to transform yourself into a rat, bird, or sheep


Alchemy is used throughout Sorcery as you travel through the world collecting magical ingredients.

Eight ingredients can be combined in over 50 different ways at the alchemy bench to create magical potions that boost Finn’s power.

Stay tuned to GB for more news and updates.


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