Spider-Man PS4: 15 More Cool Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

Take a look at a few more things to know about Sony’s biggest release of Fall 2018.

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Insomniac’s Spider-Man is out in just a few days for PS4. Though we looked at 15 different things that players may not know about the game, the sheer amount of information since then has prompted us to look at 15 additional details worth mentioning. So let’s get into it here and don’t worry – you won’t find any spoilers.

Venom Not Appearing

spiderman ps4

We’ve seen plenty of classic Spider-Man villains confirming their presence in the game, from Electro, Mister Negative and Vulture to Rhino, Kingpin and Shocker. However, art director Jacinda Chew confirmed that Venom, one of the most synonymous villains, would not be appearing.

Story Set-up and Plot

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A few more story details were provided post-E3 2018 and thanks to trailers showcasing Spider-Man’s relationships to characters like Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales. Also, Spider-Man will have to contend with numerous gangs trying to take over New York City so yeah, get on that Spidey.

Official Marvel Comics Canon

spiderman ps4

Insomniac originally pitched Spider-Man PS4 to be part of its own universe, doing its own thing with pre-established norms but offering a relatively familiar world. However, Marvel Comics confirmed that Insomniac’s Spider-Man would be getting his own Earth within the Marvel-verse. Not only that but he would be crossing over with other Spider-Man properties in the upcoming Spidergeddon comics event. The comic is out on September 26th so there’s plenty of time to catch up on the PS4 version beforehand.

Different Suits

Spider-Man PS4 Iron Spider

We already mentioned in an earlier feature that Spider-Man would have different kinds of suits. These include the classic Spider-Man suit, the Advanced Suit (seen in most trailers till now), the Spider-Punk outfit whose ability sends out sound waves via electric guitar to assault enemies nearby, the Iron Spider outfit from Avengers: Infinity War, and the Velocity Suit. We’re still unaware of the abilities of many suits or all of them present in the game but there’s plenty to collect as the story progresses.

Sunset Overdrive Influences

sunset overdrive

When Spider-Man’s gameplay was first showcased in its entirety, one thing that everyone noticed is just how similar the movement and traversal felt to another Insomniac Games property. We’re talking about Sunset Overdrive, which launched for the Xbox One in October 2014. As it turns out, when creative director Bryan Intihar was in talks with Sony, he showed them a review for Sunset Overdrive that said: “It would be cool to see Insomniac grapple with a Spider-Man game”. Speaking to Everyeye.it, Intihar went on to detail how the open world design and movement system of Sunset Overdrive was conveyed into the Spider-Man experience. So if you liked the trippy romp through Sunset City, then you just might enjoy Spider-Man all the more.

Creating New Gadgets

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Spider-Man won’t just be relying on combat and comic timing to battle the various forces of evil. He’ll also have web bombs and other neat gadgets to help out. How does one go about creating these devices though? In a recent trailer called “Just the Facts: Combat” at 1:41, we see a bit of a mini-game that the player must solve to aid in the creation of new items. How it ultimately plays out and where the different “Voltage” bits must be collected still remains to be seen.

Sanctum Sanctorum and Avengers Tower

Spider-Man Screenshot 7

In a recent trailer showcasing the open world of Spider-Man, Insomniac offered a brief look at two interesting sights. If you pay close enough attention, then Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum and the Avengers Tower will be seen at one point. Given that they – and many other Marvel properties – are located in roughly the same city, it makes sense to include them.

No Avengers

spiderman ps4

That being said, don’t expect Spider-Man to cross over with any existing Marvel property within the game. Creative director Bryan Intihar responded to a tweet from a fan asking if the Avengers or any other type of heroes would be seen with a definitive “no”. And while the phrase “never say never” may hold some weight, it seems that Spidey’s adventure will purely focus on him with no other hero hogging the spotlight.

Subways and Fast Travel

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The subway system isn’t just for looks. Sure, you can’t fully explore it and see where the various tunnels lead but it does allow for fast-travelling throughout the world. Perfect for all those times you don’t feel like web-slinging from one end of Manhattan to the other (even though it builds character).

Invisible HUD

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In case you do feel like web-slinging all around Manhattan regardless of how long it takes, things become a bit more cinematic in the process. According to Intihar on Twitter, HUD elements like the health bar, gadgets and suit power will be turned off while players are casually travelling. It’s a nice touch and helps keep the focus on what’s happening in the world (though there will likely be an option to keep the HUD active at all times).

Changing Weather


Another interesting touch is the ability to change the weather and time of day after completing the game. This may not sound all that useful unless specific quests and missions only happen during specific weather conditions and times of the day. However, it does allow for capturing some very cool shots all the more easily with the game’s photo mode.

The City That Never Sleeps Details

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Those who burn through Spider-Man incredibly quick will have post-launch DLC to look forward to. In a recent update, Insomniac confirmed that The City That Never Sleeps DLC actually consists of three chapters. Chapter 1: The Heist is out on October 23rd while Chapters 2 and 3 are out in November and December respectively. Each chapter brings new suits, story missions, enemies and much more for Spider-Man to tackle. They retail for $9.99 each but paying $24.99 will net the entire DLC bundle.

Insomniac’s Largest Team Yet

Insomniac Games has worked on some big projects before with franchises like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance to its name. However, for Spider-Man, Insomniac has assembled its largest team ever. The number of development team members wasn’t confirmed but given the production values, size of the open world, story and combat, there must be a hefty amount of resources dedicated to bringing Spider-Man to the PS4.

Non-Scaling Enemies

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Throughout the game, Spider-Man can level up and unlock new abilities, which is normal for an open world game. If you’re worried that enemies will scale up to match your new-found strength, don’t be. Insomniac confirmed in a conversation with Reddit user ckareddit that enemy levels won’t scale over the course of the story. However, threats do grow over time so expect your foes to be more heavily armed if not more numerous later on.

Day One Patch and Story Length

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As is the case with many triple-A games, Spider-Man will have a day one patch. Insomniac’s community lead James Stevenson recently confirmed this and while the overall size of the patch and its details weren’t confirmed, we do know that a minimum of 45 GB free space will be needed for the game. Stevenson also confirmed that the main story lasts 20 hours on the default difficulty. This doesn’t include side missions or activities so there’s still plenty to keep players busy after the story ends.

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