Star Wars: Squadrons Guide – How to Unlock Cockpit Cosmetics and Recommended Loadouts

Learn more about Holograms, Hanging Flairs and Dashboard items to decorate the cockpit with.

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Star Wars: Squadrons doesn’t just let you customize a ship’s hull – you can also deck out the cockpit with Holograms, Dashboard items and Hanging Flairs. These all cost Glory to unlock, which is only earned by completing challenges or leveling your Fleet Battle Rank during an Operation (that lasts for eight weeks). What kinds of items can you unlock? Let’s start with the Holograms.

For the New Republic, Holograms include the Dejarik Piece (400 Glory), Chopper (800 Glory), Pilot Portrait (400 Glory), Galaxy Map (1200 Glory), Exogorth (800 Glory) and Kowakian Monkey Lizard (1200 Glory).

Holograms for the Empire include the ISD Chimaera (400 Glory), Kill Tally (800 Glory), Lord Vader (1200 Glory), TIE Fighter Blueprint (800 Glory), Special Forces Pilot (400 Glory) and Death Star II (1200 Glory).

Next up are Dashboard items. For the New Republic, there’s the GNK Power Droid Figurine (1200 Glory), Luke Skywalker Figurine (400 Glory), Training Remote Replica (400 Glory), Miniature Sandcrawler (800 Glory), Mysterious Adorable Bird (1200 Glory), Miniature X-wing (800 Glory), Tuggtar Ewok Plush (1200 Glory), Podracer Toy (400 Glory), Hosnian Kid Figurine (1200 Glory) and Tauntaun Plush (400 Glory).

On the Empire’s side, you have the Droid Head (400 Glory), GNK Power Droid Figurine (1200 Glory), Medal of the Emperor’s Fist (1200 Glory) Mouse Droid Replica (800 Glory), Carbonized Kouhun (400 Glory), Lord Vader Statuette (1200 Glory), Hound Skull (800 Glory) and TIE Pilot (1200 Glory).

Finally, you have Hanging Flairs. For the New Republic, you can unlock the Destroyed Death Star Ornament (1200 Glory), Medical Droid Figurine (400 Glory), Carved Millennium Falcon (400 Glory), Naboo Starfighter Toy (1200 Glory), Fresh Flowers (400 Glory), Landspeeder Toy (800 Glory), Crait Crystal (800 Glory) and Hoth Snowspeeder Toy (800 Glory).

Pilots for the Empire can unlock the Krayt Dragon Tooth (800 Glory) Stormtrooper Helmet (1200 Glory), Miniature Rancor (800 Glory), Imperial ID Badge (400 Glory), Miniature Star Destroyer (1200 Glory), Crystal Charm (400 Glory), Miniature Interrogation Droid (400 Glory), Miniature Officer’s Shuttle (1200 Glory) and Miniature Scout Walker (800 Glory). More items are added with Operations (like the latest which focuses on The Mandalorian) so keep checking back to see what’s new.

Recommended Loadouts

Choosing a build for each ship class in Star Wars: Squadrons can be a bit tricky. There are plenty of recommended loadouts (which you can see in IGN’s video below) but it’s best to choose a class that fits your play-style and then build around that. So if you’re all about assaulting capital ships as a BTL-A4 Y-Wing Bomber, then it’s best to pack a Taim and Bak Ion Bomb, Arakyd PW-16 Proton Bomb and Krupx JR-89 Ion Cannon to best damage shields. Experiment with each ship, for both the New Republic and Empire, and find the one that suits you best.

For more Star Wars: Squadrons tips, including how to divert power and earn all of the different mission medals, head here.

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