State of Decay Mega Guide: Achievements, Weapon Locations, Base, Outposts And Large Backpacks

A complete guide for State of Decay.

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This is a complete game guide for State of Decay. Unlock achievements, find weapons, learn how you can carry large backpacks, find survivors, build your own team, base, outposts and much more,

State of Decay is a massive game and for this purpose we have compiled a mega guide which will show how you can set traps, recruit neighbours and much more.

Check out the entire guide below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Pro Tip: State of Decay is an open world game with lots of areas to explore that you may or may not come across during the playthrough. I would highly suggest exploring each and every area of this game.

Complete  Achievement guide for  State of Decay:

Cannibal Family Picnic | I Can See My House From Here

The player needs to reach Mt. Tanner Ranger Station to unlock Cannibal Family Picnic achievement.  The player needs to complete a survey activity to unlock I Can See My House From Here achievement. Both are pretty simply to unlock, but if you are facing issues, the video below will help you to get your way across.


The player needs to escaped Trumbull County to unlock Survivor achievement. The video below will help you to get your way across.

It Was Just a Police Action

The player needs to find out what the Army is upto in the game. This can be done when you finish the quests called “SGT erik tan” and “somethings missing” . You will meet the army by the bridge and you need to take down the barricades to see what the Army is doing.

Gun Thugs

The player needs to help the Wilkersons resolve their differences. You need to to do every available Wilkerson based mission so that you can unlock this achievement.

Trust Me, I’m an Expert

You need to earn a skill specialization for one of your community members.

Horde Hoard

The player needs to destroy ten zombie hordes in one day.

Come and Knock on our Door

You need to convince another enclave to join your community. Check out the video below to unlock this achievement.

Watch The Birdie

You need to distract zombies to complete an objective. There is a mission where you need to rescue someone at a barn. You will be given fire crackers to distract any zombies. Follow the video below to unlock this one.

Home Improvement

You need to build a facility in the game to unlock this achievement.

Home on the Grange

Played matchmaker for Quentin and Becca. During ‘A discreet request’ quest you will talk to Quentin and he wants you to find about Becca’s past. Then you need to save the sheriff in a quest called ‘Ask the sheriff’. After saving him he will tell you about Becca’s past. But you don’t need to tell Quentin about her past. Video below:

Torn Apart

The player gets killed by zombies and this achievement will get unlocked.

Get Yo’ Freak On

The player needs to kill one of each freak zombie type.

Vehicular Zombicide

Kill 250 zombies by running a vehicle over them.

Pest Control

The player needs to destroy five infestations in a day to unlock this achievement.

Arrested Developments

Saw things through at the courthouse. Simply get to the courthouse and save the survivors. The video guide below will help you to get your way across:

Movin’ on up!

The player needs to relocate their home base. To move your base you need 30 materials and a potential homesite to move to.

Double Dead

If you performed a hand to hand double kill special attack, this achievement will get unlocked. You need the defensive skill called ‘Double Kill’ which you can get it with Marcus. Check out the video below to unlock this achievement.

Land Usage

This achievement will get unlocked when you have built one of every type of facility. Check out this short guide in order to get this unlocked.

I’ll Be There For You

The player needs to earn 500 fame. You will earn 450 by unlocking the story mode. You need to go to back to your base, select the lowest level characters and try to level them up as quickly as possible. The video below explains this.

Mercy Shot

You need to kill a member of your community to prevent them from turning to unlock this achievement.

Manifest Destiny | Base and Outposts Building Guide.

The player needs to build 8 outposts to unlock this one. For this you must be aware of building bases and outposts in State of Decay. The video below will help you to build base and outposts.

Everywhere You Look

The player got fifteen people in the community.

Rule #1

The player needs to max out a community member’s Cardio skill to unlock this achievement.

The Bruce

Once you kill three zombies with an exploding propane tank, this achievement will be unlocked. This should be pretty easy.

Gotta Enjoy the Little Things

Used a car door to kill a zombie. Fun!

Get Outta My Dreams

Killed one of each freak zombie type with your car. This is again a pretty simple one to unlock, but just check out the video below to see how fun this achievement is.


The player has completed fifty missions/activities with the same character.

Weapons Guide:

In an open world game such as State of Decay, weapon modifications and repairing plays an extremely important part. In this weapons guide for State of Decay, we are going to take at where you can find weapons and how you can repair them.

State of Decay Weapons Locations Guide:

Check out this video below to find weapons in the world of State of Decay.

Best Gun Locations:

Check out this video below to find the best weapons in the world of State of Decay.

Guns location in lower city:

Follow the video below to find weapons in the lower city.

Repairing Cars and Weapons:

As you progress through the game, cars and weapons may wear off or get damaged. For this purpose we have a repairing guide for cars and weapons. Check it out below:

Miscellaneous Guides:

State of Decay is a massive game and as such there are multiple ways to achieve your goal. This guide will make you aware of:

  • How To Survive Feral Zombie Attacks
  • State Of Decay Potential Home Sites
  • State Of Decay Katana / Wakizashi | Amazing Edged Weapon
  • Best Home Base & Outpost Setup
  • Fast Travel Trick | How To Return Home Instantly
  • How To Recruit Neighbours
  • How To Heal Hurt Survivors
  • How Traps Work
  • How To Recruit Expert Survivors
  • How To Get Rid Of Useless Survivors
  • Potential Home Site Locations
  • Where To Find Large Backpacks
  • How To Carry Multiple Rucksacks
  • How To Kill Big ‘Un Zombies
  • How To Fix Missing Survivors Glitch
  • How To Make Friends
  • How To Do A Supply Run
  • Outpost Resource Farming System
  • And much more

Just check out the playlist below to see each of the above mentioned (and more!) tips and secrets of The State of Decay.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game. You can also check out the complete video walk-through of State of Decay here.

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