Sunset Overdrive Info Blowout: Meet the Insane Love Child of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio

Not to mention Tony Hawk’s Project 8 and the shooting mechanics Insomniac thrives on.

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Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive has finally received a litany of new details. After the wacky and wild reveal trailer from last year, we’ve know come to know that the game combines Crazy Taxi’s punk rock, Jet Set Radio’s aesthetics and speed, a city of endless rail grinding like in Tony Hawk’s Project 8 and the shooting mechanics Insomniac has displayed in earlier games.

As hinted at previously, Sunset Overdrive takes place in a world seemingly controlled by FizzCo. The company is releasing a new energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT, but it’s seemingly causing citizens to mutate. You play as a janitor around during the launch party for the beverage who gets caught up in the chaos when the mutants, called “The OD’d”, effectively overrun the city. FizzCo reacts by cordoning the city off – since it would result in bad publicity for its energy drink – and you’ll be trapped within.

This section of the city includes day and night cycles, which differs each time, and an island. You’ll encounter friendly factions as well as hostile ones. NPCs will throw out side-quests for you to accomplish. The open world elements manifest as you’ll be wall-running, grinding and mantling across the city while shooting foes.

And what weapons Sunset Overdrive features – there’s the High Fidelity, which fires ricocheting vinyl discs; the Roman Candle which shoots fireworks that can burn foes; the TNTeddy grenade launcher which fires teddy bears strapped with explosives; Captain Ahab, a harpoon gun that fires slowly but can also use its energy drink attachment to annihilate crowds; a freeze gun to turn the OD’d into Christmas ornaments; and of course, there’s the AKF**kYouUp.

We’re not sure what that one does yet.

Insomniac has also implemented a Style system, which rewards you with Amp upgrades and level-ups as you go forth. The Amop upgrades allow for slots to upgrade weapons along with a melee attack for status effects. You can hold up to 8 weapons in total. You’ll have total freedom to customize your character by choosing either Male or Female genres and six different races with options for tattoos and body paint. You can also wear every piece of clothing – yes, EVERY piece – regardless of gender.

Sunset Overdrive is currently planned for release this year on Xbox One. Stay tuned for more details.

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