Super Mario Maker 2 Guide – How To Farm Coins And Unlock Outfits

Farming coins and unlocking outfits will take up most of your time in Nintendo’s latest.

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Coins are your go-to currency in Super Mario Maker 2. They can be used to unlock costumes, rebuild Princess Peach’s castle and much more. While initial costs may not seem too rough, you’ll need 1,000 coins to complete the final project and net the Mario Builder costume. It becomes available after finishing all the Jobs in Story Mode so there’s plenty of spending that has to be done before that as well.

So how do you go about earning coins? The most obvious answer is to replay past levels. Fortunately, there are certain Jobs which offer better coin payouts than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best here.

How To Farm Coins:

Job 55: You essentially ride a car through the level and it’s pretty easy-going. A 50 coin is available to collect here so if you’re crafty enough, it’s possible to earn 117 coins total in one run through the level.

Job 56: Though only 80 coins have to be collected to complete the mission, you can collect as much as 150 coins in a single run.

Job 70: Short and sweet, this level provides 80 coins in the roughly 30 seconds it takes to complete.

Job 76: You have to collect 50 coins to complete the level. While there aren’t as many coins as Job 56 overall, you’re still looking at about 80 coins total if you collect them all.

Job 90: Another short level, it provides 55 coins in a few seconds if you collect everything.

If you want even more stuff to unlock in Super Mario Maker 2, then consider creating a Mii. This is your own personal avatar that can be presented online (though Nintendo Online is required for it). Head on over to the Course World in-game to create it. From there, completing different challenges will unlock different clothes and outfits for your Mii to flaunt.

How To Unlock Outfits:

What are those challenges? Let’s start with Hats, of which there are 14 in total to unlock.


  • Superball Mario Hat: The easiest of the bunch, hit a “?” block while playing Story Mode.
  • Frog Cap: In Story Mode, complete all of Soundfrog’s Jobs.
  • Cat Mario Headgear: You must play 100 courses overall.
  • Bowser Headpiece: You must win a consecutive Multiplayer Versus match.
  • Luigi Cap: In Multiplayer Versus matches, hit Rank C.
  • Bowser Jr. Headpiece: Go into Endless Challenge on Easy and hit a high score of 10.
  • Princess Peach Wig: Play Endless Challenge and earn a Silver Medal.
  • Builder Hard Hat: Completely rebuild the castle in Story Mode.
  • Shy Cap: Create a course and upload it online. Once it’s been played 100 times, this hat will be available.
  • Magikoopa Hat: In the Course World, finish 10 courses.
  • Pipe Hat: You have to set a world record clear time on any course.
  • Top Hat: You have to earn a Silver Medal with Spikes.
  • Cheep-Cheep Hat: Create a course and upload it online. Once it hits 500 plays, this hat will unlock.


There are 13 outfits to unlock. Here are the challenges required to unlock all of them:

  • Mario Outfit: You must play 1,000 courses in Course World. Play 1,000 courses in Course World
  • Princess Peach Dress: In Story Mode, finish the Job “Let’s Go, Builder Mario” provided by Princess Peach.
  • Princess Peach Tennis Outfit: In Story Mode, finish the Job “Super Mario Bros. W1-1?” provided by Princess Peach.
  • Robot Suit: Finish every level in Story Mode.
  • Superball Mario Suit: Once you complete Purple Toad’s last Job, hit a “?” block in Story Mode.
  • Yoshi Outfit: In multiplayer co-op, finish 100 courses.
  • Bowser Suit: Win numerous Versus Multiplayer matches in a row.
  • Builder Mario: In Story Mode, fully rebuild the castle.
  • Cat Mario Suit: You must play 100 courses.
  • Doctor Coat: In Versus Multiplayer, hit Rank B.
  • Googoo Onesie: Find a course online and Like it.
  • Luigi Outfit: In Versus Multiplayer, hit Rank C.
  • Magikoopa Robes: In Course World, you must finish ten courses.


  • A total of 10 Pants are available to unlock. These are the challenges required to unlock them:
  • Artsy Corduroys: Garner a lot of feedback in one level.
  • Skull Skirt: You must complete ten courses.
  • Big Spender Shorts: In Course World, you must finish 100 courses.
  • Black Short Shorts: Unlocked by default.
  • Denim Jeans: Unlocked by default.
  • Denim Skirt: Unlocked by default.
  • Burner Skirt: In multiplayer co-op, complete your first course.
  • Parent and Child Skirt: You must be the first to finish a course.
  • Pipe Skirt: Achieve a world record time in ten courses.

Shirts And Hoodies:

There are 20 Shirts and Hoodies to unlock in total. Here are the challenges that need to be completed:

  • Super Mushroom Shirt: Unlocked by default.
  • 1-Up Hoodie: Unlocked by default.
  • Refreshing Shirt: In Story Mode, complete all of Mr. Eraser’s Jobs.
  • Yamamura Shirt: In Story Mode, complete all of Yamamura’s Jobs.
  • Slobber Shirt: You have to play 10 courses.
  • Banzai Bill Shirt: Write one comment on a course.
  • Blockstripe Shirt: If someone comments on your course, this is unlocked.
  • Bouncy Shirt: Create and upload a course online. Once it hit 1,000 plays online, this shirt will be unlocked.
  • Chomp Doh Shirt: You need to get 100 first clears on courses.
  • White Tanktop: Finish a single course.
  • Question Block Hoodie: In Endless Challenge, you need to earn a Bronze Medal.
  • Angry Sun Shirt: In Endless Challenge on Normal, you need to earn a high score on ten courses.
  • Doctor Headgear: In Versus Multiplayer, hit Rank B.
  • Laughing Shirt: In Versus Multiplayer, hit Rank A.
  • Fireworks Shirt: In Versus Multiplayer, win five matches in a row.
  • Fish Bone Shirt: You have to upload a course online.
  • Hot Hot Shirt: First-clear ten different courses.
  • I Like You Camisole: Unlocked when receiving a single “Like” online for your course.
  • Nintendo Shirt: Unlocked by default.

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