Tekken 7 Mega Guide – All Combos, Tips And Tricks, Online Modes Unlockables And More

A complete guide for Tekken 7.

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Tekken 7 Mega Guide – All Combos, Tips And Tricks, Online Modes Unlockables And More

Tekken 7 is finally out, after such a long time- the long awaited next major entry in the 3D fighting series is here at last. Tekken is the highest selling series of fighting games of all time, and the next entry has been years in the making. Undoubtedly, its legion of fans worldwide will be excited to pick this game up and start duking it out with each other.

When you pick it up, you’ll find quite a lot waiting for you, in terms of the breadth of content, and the depth of the mechanics. It can honestly be quite a bit to keep up with- which is why we’re here. In this guide, you will find some basic tips and tricks, a guide to the online mode, moves and combos, the Rage Arts, unlockables, and of course, Achievements and Trophies.

You ready? Let’s get the party started.


Tekken 7 is a fighting game, and while those can be instinctively easy for a newcomer to pick up on, the staggering amount of depth and finesse needed to make much headway into them can be pretty frustrating. If you’re new to fighting games, new to Tekken, or just haven’t played either in a while, these basic tips and tricks should help you find your footing.

  • Utilize Practice Mode. You’ll learn loads of moves and combos in Tekken 7, and they can be finnicky enough that unless you’re very precise, you may have trouble pulling them off. So be precise- go to Practice Mode, and practice your moves and combos.
  • Practice juggling and launching. Launching, well, launches your opponents in the air, and juggling keeps them there- both are vulnerable states for your opponent, and therefore something you want to be able to execute. They require specific combos, so be sure to practice these, too.
  • Rage and Rage Art: A devastating multi hit combo you can use in a pinch, learn your Rage Art, be good with it, and whenever you feel threatened, use it as long as it is available.
  • Movement: Tekken is a 3D fighter, meaning movement is actually far more important in this game than in most other fighters, including those that look 3D but basically still play on a 2D plane (such as Injustice 2). Learn each stage- be ready to navigate out of harm’s way, and use your full range of movement to feint the opponent.


Tekken 7 is a fighting game, which means at some point or the other, you’re going to need to be comfortable with the idea of executing combos. As always, you need to utilize Practice mode here- you can pull up the menu and a list of combos at any time for your character there. Get familiar with one character before you start switching around. Practice your combos. Start using them against low level AI, and then move up from there.

Below, we have some videos to get you comfortable with the idea of using combos.







Devil Jin





















Lucky Chloe

Master Raven












Rage Arts are the finisher moves in Tekken 7– highly flashy, over the top attacks, spectacular moves you can use to inflict massive amounts of damage. In the video below, you will find Rage Arts for each character.


Like all fighters, Tekken 7 has a fair few unlocks for you to uncover. Here, we list out all of them, as well as instructions on how to unlock them:

  • Eliza: Only available as a pre-order bonus
  • Devil Kazuya: Available as a Rage Art for Kazuya
  • Legacy Tekken Videos: You must purchase these individually with in game G
  • Violet: Play as Lee while you are Player 2
  • Concept Art: Purchase individually using in game G
  • Pachislot Videos: Purchase individually using in game G


There are three online modes in Tekken 7:

  • Ranked Match: Self explanatory. You fight online using the game’s match making, and are ranked against other players. You get credits for finishing the match.
  • Player Match: These are unranked games. You simply have the option to play without the pressure of your ranking or standing changing. You can also make a private lobby with custom games in this mode.
  • Tournament Mode: Join and/or host tournaments with up to seven other players. Based on the number of players participating, the prize pool grows larger. Please keep in mind that you must stay on through to the end of the tournament, even if you are eliminated, if you want to claim whatever you have won by being part of it.


I’ll Get Everything Back!
Unlocked all achievements.

Yeah! I Did It! 
Won a ranked match online.

Not Bad 
Won a player match online.

Okay! I’m Ready! 
Won a battle in online tournament.

Come And Get Some, I Dare You! 
Fought ten online battles.

Instant Annihilation 
Won three times consecutively in Treasure Battle.

Wow, I’m Pretty Strong! 
Won three special matches in Treasure Battle.

Obtained 20 treasure boxes.

Let’s Do This 
Finished Chapter 1 of the main story.

You Think You’re Tougher Than Me? 
Finished the prologue of the main story.

You Challenge Me?! 
Finished Chapter 8 of the main story.

I Can’t Accept This Fate 
Finished Chapter 13 of the main story.

It’s Time For You To Meet Your End! 
Watched the epilogue of the main story.

I Demand To Know The Truth! 
Finished three Character Episode stories.

Lightning Of Fate 
Finished 10 Character Episode stories.

No Pain, No Gain 
Dealt 50,000 damage in Practice mode.

I’ve Finally Found You! 
Obtained 50 treasure boxes.

The Prosperous Inevitably Decline 
Beat Akuma in an Arcade Battle or a Special Match in Treasure Battle.

Fear My Wrath 
Beat Devil Kazumi in an Arcade Battle or a Special Match in Treasure Battle.

Don’t Take It Personally 
Achieved a perfect victory. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

You Fought Well 
Achieved a great victory. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

There’s Nowhere To Run. Give Up! 
Dealt 10 homing attacks. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

I’ll Kick Your Butt To Hell And Back 
Dealt 70+ damage in an air combo. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Just Relax, You Can Do It 
Performed three 10 hit combos. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Elegance At Its Purest 
Triggered 10 screws. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Power Is Everything! 
Dealt 10 power crushes. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Dealt 10 Rage Drives. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

We Settle This Now! 
Dealt 20 Rage Arts. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Stun Gun! 
Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat 5 times with Rage Art. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

This Should Be Fun 
Got promoted to 1st dan.

Your Technique Is Impressive 
Got promoted to Initiate.

Roar! (Nice Moves!) 
Got promoted to Brawler.

Hot-Blooded Fighter 
Got promoted to Warrior.

Anger Of The Beast 
Dealt an overall total of 1,000 damage while in rage mode. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Sturdy And Indestructible 
Blocked 5 Rage Arts. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Don’t Hold Anything Back 
Defeated 20 opponents of a higher rank.

Destructive Drive 
Performed a floor-breaking move. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Crushing Impact! 
Performed a balcony-breaking move. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Going Somewhere? 
Reached the bottom floor of the Forgotten Realm stage. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Please Don’t Tell My Father 
Reached the deepest part of the Jungle Outpost stage. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

It’s Just Business 
Obtained an overall total of 5,000,000G.

Obtained an overall total of 10,000,000G.

Master Of Iron Fist
Finished the Special Chapter of the main story.

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