The Behemoth’s Pit People Now Available on Steam, Xbox One

Battleblock Theater dev’s newest weird title has finally left Steam Early Access.

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Pit People

Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater developer The Behemoth has finally released its newest, weird game Pit People for Xbox One and PC via Steam. Having spent a little over 400 days in Early Access, the turn-based/tactical strategy title caught players’ attention with its combination of solid turn-based combat, exploration and bizarre themes.

Let’s start with the story. A giant space bear is reigning havoc down on a peaceful planet, including tormenting our hero Horatio. When Horatio’s son is presumably killed by the space bear, he undertakes a journey of revenge, meeting allies like Pipistrella and growing in strength. There are also certain aspects like a bizarre giraffe that hands out tool-tips, strange buff warriors in a space shuttle, Death himself and much more to contend with.

The full release of Pit People features over 100 missions and quests, 200 regions to explore, over 1500 items to unlock, 2 player local and online co-op and much more. There are also Insane and Permadeath Modes for players who truly want to feel challenged. Check out some of the changelog notes below.

Update 6 Changelist

For early access players, the full release is also known as Update 6. The changelist below covers all of the improvements and additions since Update 5 and the Update 5a hotfix.

*Spoiler Alert*
Some listed changes may include info from quests that newer players haven’t experienced yet. Read at your own discretion!

Major content:

Final Four Multi-part Story Quests added. Pick up where you left off!
New story cinematics to go along with the newly added story quests.
New Pipistrella introduction cinematic (in tutorial levels)
One new World Map (that holds 15 new Bonus Missions) added.

Quality of life changes:

  • Favorites can now be marked in the House and will be listed first if sorted.
  • Your wagon now displays your location on the Survival Guide map.
  • Gate menu reworked for buying items and selecting Quests on the Questboard.
  • The HUD shown while traveling has been compacted and aligned.
  • Permadeath icon is now shown while traveling if playing in Permadeath.
  • World Maps (WM) now have names in the Survival Guide for easy reference.
  • New items added for creatures and humans.
  • Colored text now has a dark grey outline for easier reading.
  • Advanced and non-advanced cursor information art has changed.
  • AI planning hexes are more subtle so they do not visually compete.
  • Tweaked a large amount of dialogue in world map missions and story missions.
  • Minor adjustments to introduction levels.
  • Cinematic replaced in introduction levels.
  • New icons added into the How To Play help section.
  • More varied Unfair Challenge enemy teams, added 102 new teams.
  • Consistency fixes:
    -Made sure “Red” is wearing the Raspberry cake batter skin in all places (she
    was still using the Strawberry skin in Hardboil part 3).
    -Changed appearance of “Kindness” WM entity in quest file to match “Kindness”everywhere else.
    -Added new “DianeHealed” entity to swap out with “Diane” entity once she’s
    -Stage 1 battle of Sid the Necromancer quest (Lt. Splurt) now takes place in
    a random WM terrain appropriate to the region Splurt catches you.
    -Updated Gwennifer Blobbins to use the Blue Crew decoration helmet.
  • Non-elite NPCs on the world map now speak in that fighter type’s language rather than a standard alert sound when they spot you. Elite NPCs play original enemy alert sound.
  • Quest Dialog Yosef frames should all now flip the hair of the character based on the first player’s Yosef hair selection from the arena tutorial.
  • Lots of non-gore art added for players who choose non-gore gameplay setting.
  • Scrumptious now awarded in spoils under certain condition.
  • Changed some requirements when attacking Scrumptious.
  • The ‘elite’ augment will now utilize red tint colors, so if an elite fighter is recruited they should retain their red tint (but not the elite particle effect) when you get back to the house. They do not keep any of their elite stat bonuses either, just their tint color.
  • New potential Spoils from missions
    -Red & Nwar are now obtainable in the quest, “Get Smart”.
    -Gave Mushmancer his new Mush Masher mallet in mission, “Portabello Prayers”.
    -Added new ending sequence in Fresh and the Radicals with Hagatha and Nagatha that results in the player being awarded Nagatha in spoils.
    -Sizzle Baron equipped with Excalibeef is now obtainable in quest, “Meat & Greet”.
    -Lumberjim is now obtainable in the mission, “Fort Ruffage”.
    -Primo is now obtainable during the mission, “Brunch with Death”.
    -Clortho now appears in the mission, “Sid the Necromancer” if the quest, “Grey Matters” is completed.
    -Player is now awarded “Much Glamour” troll skin and “Fabulous” troll mom skin in spoils if they defeat Madame Megabat before the creature evolves at All.
    -Hotfix, Fungax and McCaffrey are now obtainable in the quest, “Invalid Loggin’”.
    -Prince Sipitation can now be obtained during the mission, “Champ of the Damp”.
  • Improved World Map escort NPC teleport if they get too far behind —
  • Previously escort NPCs would check their distance from the wagon and teleport to it. However, if we have multiple followers, then each one needs to check the distance to the one it is following and teleport to that position rather than to the wagon.
  • Standardized danger icons that appear on quest giver entities for WM quests — standardized the danger icons that appear on quest entities in world map quests. Quest entities that trigger a battle will show a danger icon underneath them. Quest entities that chase you (with a battle in mind) will show the danger icon underneath, and an alert icon over their heads when they notice you.
  • Riders on Spidaurs can now dismount to their current location. This will cost one move, regardless of the type of terrain they are moving onto (because they need an order to mark the location as occupied).

If the Spidaur has moved from the current location, then the rider will see a potential destination showing that they can dismount at the current location, and they will see a destination footprint when they add the order.

If the Spidaur has not moved from the current location, then the rider will will see a potential destination, but when they add the move order they will see a conflict footprint until the spidaur is moved to another location.

Fighters riding Gnomes or powering Battle Cannons must still move from their current location in order to dismount.

  • Added more special colored names.
  • Gnomes will earn XP for healing friendly robots.
  • Random battle terrain updates — Adjusted blue & red starting positions in various random battle terrains to prevent Troll Moms from starting in lava, terrain, etc.
  • Fixed missing collisions on world maps and levels.
  • New ambience (sound) added to the City and quests.
  • Renamed a few fighter names. IE. Renamed “Cankles the Shoe Gnome” to just “Cankles”. “Peter Peter Child Eater” has been renamed to “Peter Child Eater” to prevent issues in menus. “Royal Pain” Gorgon skin is now the “Hisstory Maker”. “Rump Trumpet” was replaced with “Mayor Rumptrumpet”.
  • Pandora’s weapon has been changed to the Demon Ball medium mallet.
  • Added a knockback to the Speckled Horseman arrival location right when he lands to prevent the text pointing to him from being in the wrong location.
  • Some side characters now appear in random world map encounters after completing story quests and are recruitable.
  • Reworded some objectives in earlier story missions.
  • The tournament reward helmets have been renamed.
  • Small updates to battle zones throughout the world map.
  • Updated world map names in the Survival Guide.
  • A few SFX added to some City quests & World Map missions.
  • Updated Mushroom, Hair Troll and Zombie recruit quests with new Whispers spawn Locations.
  • New voice lines added for Octoclops fighters and Troll Babies (Troll Minis)

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